The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses Season Two Confirmed

Following the conclusion of its first season, the harem romantic comedy has announced a second season, which is currently in development.


The story is as follows HayatoA young college student returns to her seaside café after her grandmother dies. When he enters, he finds five girls living in what he believes is an empty building. From there, the story details Hayato’s attempts to restore the family cafe to its former glory, while working alongside the five girls he employs as the cafe’s maids.

White Chrysanthemum, Ami and Cherry Blossom

Season two is expected to premiere in 2024, so we’ll have a long wait to see The Family Cafe again, but for harem/rom-com fans, it’ll be worth it. After the first season had three of the five girls fighting for Hayato’s affections, the second season is sure to bring more drama.

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