The Dangers in my Heart Episode 2 Review

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danger in my heart yes official english translation eight hundred and eight of my heart.Other shortened titles include wooden house field.

Last episode, we saw Ichikawa telling us about his bizarre crush on Anna Yamada and how he wanted to murder her. Despite this, however, he decides against his will to help Anna, who is being harassed by her classmates.

This episode, we might see the gap between Ichikawa and Yamada narrowing slowly but surely!

Well, let’s move on to the second episode, titled “Death”.


The episode starts off with Ichikawa telling the same thing we heard in the previous episode, about him wanting to kill Yamada. However, his focus now is that the library where he eats lunch has recently been infected by Anna and her presence.

Yamada smile

He noticed that Anna was tall, popular, and attractive, so he wondered why she always ate alone in the library. Even here, we see a slightly sympathetic side to Ichikawa towards the girl he seems to “want to kill”.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0019 Ichikawa Watch
Ichikawa looked at Anna Yamada

One day in the library, he saw her preparing to “Neru Neru Neru Neru Neru Neru“, a Japanese sweet that’s sort of like a fun dipping sauce, but you add water to make it a pudding/spread type consistency, then eat it with sugar crystals and a spoon.

Danger in my heart episode 2 review 0018 nerunerunerune
Neru Neru Neru Neru Neru Neru

However, in the library, with only five minutes left until lunch break, Anna was scurrying around looking for water. She ran into the hall and back, only to find that most of the water had been spilled. She ran outside, and Ichikawa was furious and decided to wipe up any drips from her, since he felt the library was his refuge.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0017 Mizu Ichikawa
Ichikawa clean water

He saw Yamada keep failing, and with only three minutes left, he decided to rush to her to the rec room and grab a cup she could use to carry water. The water wasn’t as shallow, so she probably spilled less water along the way.

When he returned, he found that Ana had actually just brought Nerunerunerune to the sink, making a difficult problem easier.

Danger In My Heart Episode 2 Review 0016 Ana Mizu Yamada
Big brain

Yamada once again handed over the garbage to Ichikawa as he did with French fries in the first episode, and then ran to class again.

Danger in my heart episode 2 review 0015 yamamada anna nerunerunerune
Yamada eats Nerunerunerune

We cut to the classroom, where the heat wave has clearly begun. Yamada and her friends are all themselves, but Yamada keeps hitting herself with the fanned paper. After her short friend criticized her, she replied that she should have done it for her. We see cute scenes of girls fanning each other. In stark contrast, however, the boys sitting behind Ichikawa were all squinting at the girls because if they were sweating they might be able to see through their white shirts.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0014 Ana Yamada Sweats Down
Yamada is sweating profusely


When the character says he’s going to walk over to see Yamada, Ichikawa takes action again, and when he tries to walk by, he throws the box knife in front of him. The character quickly apologizes and hands him a box knife, which Ichikawa frightfully plays with and smiles, making the character creepy. The girls then all leave the room, so the character no longer has a chance to be creepy.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Comments 0013 The Smile of the Ichikawa Utility Knife
Ichikawa crawls out of other creepers

Ichikawa told us that the closest person to Yamada was a girl named Chihiro Kobayashi, the same short girl from before. However, he wonders why Yamada is always alone in the library even though Chihiro and her are such close friends.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0012 Chihiro and Ichikawa
Chihiro and Ichikawa

That day, Yamada borrowed Ichikawa’s fan from the library. Because it’s short and zigzag, she can still stay calm without hitting herself in the face, she said. Ichikawa, who was also a pervert himself, squinted at her breasts and noticed that she was wearing a bathing suit underneath so no one could see her bra. When Yamada received the call, he asked Ichikawa to sit in his seat quickly, while she hid under the table. Ichikawa sat in front of all the snacks she had eaten before.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0011 Ana Yamada Nervous
Yamada is under the table

Chihiro quickly enters the room and we see why Yamada is hiding. She immediately asked Ichikawa if she had seen Yamada, and of course he denied it. She quickly sat down in front of him, Ichikawa didn’t know what to do, and handed her the snacks made by Yamada. Chihiro says she can’t eat them because of her allergies.

She said Yamada would often sneak away from her for a snack so as not to make Chihiro feel bad. Chihiro starts to compliment Yamada, causing her to jump out from the bottom of the table and smile at her.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0010 Ana Chip Yamada
Yamada sneaks away from Chihiro

Chihiro rolled her eyes and retorted that once you start complimenting Yamada, she will emerge from hiding. The two girls walk away together, leaving Ichikawa behind… cough cough. Ever since Yamada touched him, he’s gone camping and pitched a tent.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0009 Ichikawa Tent
Ichikawa “Tent”

The second half of the episode focuses on preparations for the fall festival. The students are working on a poster, and Yamada is a tall girl who has been chosen to play the role of the ghost. Ichikawa Kazuhara, who has a strange obsession with gore and horror, is working on a poster, and she tells Hara how she added more details to make the tombstones on the poster more realistic. He was also staring at her breasts.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0008 Original
Ichikawa squinted at Hara’s chest

Yuan left to obtain more materials. However, a student noticed that one of the names on the poster read “Yamada”. Several male students thought that someone was going to catch Anna Yamada, so they puffed up their chests and demanded to know who did it.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0007 Ichikawa Nervous
Ichikawa is blamed

Ichikawa is afraid of Hara, and also worried that she might be bullied if it is revealed that she wrote it, so she admits that she wrote the book. When they demand to know why, Ichikawa spits out something cringeworthy, saying that death isn’t terrible, and that we’re all going to die one day anyway.

Is Yamada playing a ghost? Wouldn’t it be easy to say you wrote her name down because she was pretending to be a ghost?

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0006 Ichikawa Gets Beaten
wtf even happens here

Thank god Ha Ra came back and told them it was written by her. She apologized, saying she was just starting to write down common names. Ichikawa was able to get out of trouble.

But later, when Hara and Ichikawa sat down again to revise the poster and change the name, Yamada sat next to him and apologized. Ichikawa was confused, but Yamada left without further explanation.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0005 Ana Yamada Sorrow
Ana Yamada apologizes to Ichikawa

Our final scene shows Yamada and her friends being approached by the creepy guy from the first episode with some of his friends. The two groups merged into one and started walking, but Ichikawa was nervous about Yamada, so he tailed them.

He notices that the girls are sheltering Yamada at the center, which helps ease his nerves. He ducks into a room hoping to jump out behind them through another door, but he jumps too early and ends up in front of them. However, Yamada took the opportunity to get out of there, and pulled Ichikawa back into the room, where they saw a huge map of the town from 80 years ago.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0003 Ichikawa and Yamada Maps

Finding each other’s houses, Yamada points out that this map is really cool. Ichikawa asked for a photo of the map, but Yamada either misunderstood or misinterpreted him on purpose, and took a selfie with him instead.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0002 Ana Yamada Map
Yamada looking at the map

Ichikawa said to himself that he would never forget the moment when he and Yamada were together.

Danger in My Heart Episode 2 Review 0001 Selfie


This episode continues to be close to “cute” and “terribly cringe-worthy.” I both love and despise this series because it reminds me of everyday life in middle school.

Oddly enough, for the most part in this episode, Ichikawa doesn’t engage in any self-reflection about his newfound Yamada defense. The way he stalks them is both endearing and creepy. Ichikawa falters on goodness several times, but doesn’t seem to think he hasn’t “screwed up”. why is that?

Well, you know what middle school students are like. This is a time when your brain is expanding at an incredible rate, and your surroundings are struggling to keep up with this evolving mind. Ichikawa seems to suffer from some degree of social isolation (whether of his own making or not), which may have been ingrained in him as some kind of “I It must be the man with the strange mentality. At this moment, he has fully accepted this mentality, even to the extreme.

But… Ichikawa is not like that.he just think He is like that. I really don’t believe Ichikawa is capable of hitting people, let alone killing people.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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