The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Reveals New Visual & PV

Two weeks after the first trailer and visual were first released, the upcoming rom-com animation “Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta“(The girl I like forgot to wear glasses) just received a new update to hype this summer’s anime premiere.

The girl I like forgot her glasses reveals new visual pv 2

The second key visual captures Mie sitting in the classroom forgetting the glasses on her poor eyesight, but at the same time, her reflection in the glasses shows that she is smiling. Behind her, outside the classroom, Feng was holding on to the window of the classroom and looking at her.

As for uploading to Shochiku Official YouTube Channel, we can see the interaction between Mie and Komura up close. Along with the second PV, the opening theme song information is also released. The song will be titled “NAME” and will be sung by Tsuzuri.

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The anime is based on the Square Enix manga of the same name, created by Koume Fujichika. The story will revolve around the love development and interaction between Mie, a girl with beautiful eyes but poor eyesight who tends to forget to wear glasses, and Kaede, a young man who has a crush on the girl and is always by her side to help her. .

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