“The loving husband behind my happiness and smile” Queen Ashley Ogunwusi melts hearts as she pours out her heart to the Ooni

Queen Ashley Ogunwus one of the wives of Ife’s Ooni, oba adeye ogunwusi melted the hearts of her fans with her loving tribute to him.

A mother of one thinks he’s behind her joy and smile.

Queen Ashley made this known as she educated her fans and followers about the importance of happiness.

In praising him, she poured out powerful prayers to him.

“Happiness is something that people seek, but the definition of happiness varies from person to person. Happiness is an emotional state characterized by joy, fulfillment, contentment, and a sense of contentment. While there are many different definitions of happiness, it is often described as involving Positive mood and life satisfaction.

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Remember that happy people still feel the full range of human emotions from time to time, anger, frustration, boredom, loneliness, and even sadness. But even in the face of discomfort, they have an underlying optimism that things will work out, that they can cope with what’s happening, and they can always get back to their happy place.

My dear husband, the loving husband behind my happiness, my irresistible and irreplaceable JEWEL keeps me smiling, Oo ni ri Orisha, Eekunn, Oro Ekun, Akande Mii Ajiwe Fun’Osha, Dagunduro Oko Afolasade, Omo Arogumasa, Omo Ayikiti Ogun, Ojo Kinni Ogun, Ojo Keji Ogun, Arole Oodua, Alaka Omo Aapaara, Olori Alade gbogbo, Omo Etirin Ogun, all arrows are shooting in your direction. You stand tall like a warrior who beat them all. You are on Amazon. Adigimalaja Awo Ile. Ife, Ki emi Ola e pe Ade Ori Mio, Bo sej. lu dun fun e lase gbogbo onile, oju eo ni ri ibi, eti eo ni gbo buburu lase gbogbo Awon Aalale.

The grace that Olodumare adorns you will never leave you, Amin Ase. My love for you is infinite because you are my life. I love and appreciate you every day. Oko osho, Oko Aje, Iti Omo Irumole, Alaka Omo Apaara, Omo Ajinaja Ogun. Love lives here.

Allow yourself to be happy forever, make happy decisions no matter life challenges, being happy is a choice! “.

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Queen Ashley Ogunwus, one of the wives of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi

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