The Marginal Service Episode 11 Review

UN direct to edge services

The penultimate installment in the series unravels multiple layers of the entire mystery in the series, with Brian unleashing the rubber suit to find Zeno and Isabella, and the rest of the Fringe Service facing a dilemma as The UN ordered them to arrest one of their own.

Rubber and pecking again

Marginal Services Episode 11b
Brian and Peck are surprised to see the naked rubber suits in the cell

It’s amazing how many times this underdog series can do the unexpected over multiple episodes, and that applies to this episode as well.we may all think rubber suit is the big villain and evil mastermind of the series, but it turns out that everything he does actually has good reason and purpose.

Having rubber reappear in the story as the key to solving the mystery was an unpredictable move, considering he was also portrayed as an important figure in knowing the true story behind aliens and frontier people, which means he is held by the UN, So the truth will not be revealed.

Marginal Services Episode 11c
Rubber suits explain the truth

let’s not forget to mention peck Surprisingly, he also plays a major role in this episode. Many of us might also think that this squirrel is just the mascot of the series. Previously, except for the third episode, he wasn’t really involved in the development of the entire story. But now, he finally has a chance to shine again and be remembered as an integral part of the team.

team in chaos

Marginal service episode 11d
Robin, Kuja, Lila, Dexter point a gun at Bryan

Although we may predict Zeno Will be the villain alone to investigate his past isabella Bryan tries to bring him back to reality, and until the UN orders them to hunt down their own comrades, the causal relationship between the actions of these members and the others is unknown. For the other members, this side story is very engaging and effectively enhances the tension of the ending and the main line.

while deciding to attack brian It feels like an abrupt insertion and end in the story, which is still understandable since the series is limited by the length and number of episodes. And more importantly, how the rest of the Fringe will determine their future when they finally see how the government treats them and the Borderers.

Marginal Services Episode 11 f
Theodore leads the team in deciding its own actions

stranger truth

The biggest reveal in the story is the simple and solid explanation provided by the rubber suit, who knows anything about the disappearance of Zeno’s son and other children ten years ago, which is related to the arrival of UFOs in the same year. It turns out that the frontier terrorism orchestrated by the rubber suits was an act of revenge for the discrimination and inhumanity of the United Nations.

Marginal Service Episode 11e
Mysterious experiment on children with ‘alien genius’

The United Nations in this series abducts children who have been granted “alien gifts” in order to control alien spaceships and profit from them. Again, inconceivably, the play takes a sudden turn to make the United Nations the antagonist here. Now, in a last-ditch effort to unravel all the doubts and give Zeno a happy ending, we’ll be waiting to see how things with the Water Mountains will end.

final verdict

marginal service episode 11g
Brian and Rubber discover hidden UN hideout

While the plot shifts are executed abruptly, without any hint or heat, this could be the factor that helps the story progress interestingly, especially in the final three episodes of the series.Without looking at or judging the poor animation quality of the idea, the story in marginal service Successfully subverting people’s expectations, almost every episode gives something new. Now, with the season finale airing next week, we have to predict how this mediocre series will end this chapter for good.

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