The Marginal Service Episode 2 Review

The second episode of the original anime gives viewers another gritty move like the first, while also addressing Borderlands’ origins with a brief backstory and explanation.

Edge Services Episode 2 e
Brian and Zeno had a little conflict

What is Borderlands?

we do not know! It hasn’t been explained in depth, other than the fact that these beings came from space and are able to shapeshift to merge with humans. All evidence and actions regarding the existence of such creatures are kept as secret information by the United Nations, and only a select few, including members of the fringe services, are aware of their existence. new? special? Rich content? Not really, right?

Edge Services Episode 2 a
first to reach no man’s land on earth

Learn more about the team

One good thing to appreciate about this episode is not only the episode introduction robin and bolt Even more, but they also have decent screen time and dialogue to get a broader look at each character. Honestly, their interactions, especially when they’re trapped and attacked in the forest, are the only freshness and charm in this episode.

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Edge Services Episode 2b
Robin and the Bolts Surrounded by Borderlands

In fact, apart from those two, the “leader” of the team is Zeno There were also some character mining sessions. But it seems like the character is destined to become “something” later on, so there’s not much to learn from his character further down the line. Yep, don’t forget or be surprised to see a talking squirrel on the team, because of course every special team needs at least one mascot, right?

everything will end in chaos

Like every “beginner’s mission” part of the story, we all knew things weren’t going to go well, especially in the finale, and yes, that’s what happened in this episode too. It would be really cool to see some UMA designs and some shirtless men shooting scenes in the third act, but considering how templated the scene and plot are, there isn’t much to offer. Not bad, just up to the standard.

Edge Services Episode 2 d
Zeno and Brian surrounded by Borderlanders

final verdict

As mentioned, the episode wasn’t bad, it was just the usual standard stuff we get in this type of series.Cartel Mystery and the origins of Borderlands are intriguing, but other than that, the characterization and plot of the story don’t sell anything this seriesWell, except if you like watching some shirtless hunks then maybe this series is a must-see for you.

Edge Services Episode 2 c
Brian beats Borderlands with a bazooka

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