The Marginal Service Episode 4 Review

Edge Services Episode 4 e
Mysterious Borderlands monolith hidden at the site of the final explosion

As the story progresses, more things are revealed about the Borderlanders, because in this episode we see explosive behavior in many places, which obviously has something to do with the state of the Japanese Borderlanders and the aftermath of the previous episode interconnected rubber suit event.

protests and attacks

Edge Services Episode 4b
Immigrant protest

Episode four brings a new and interesting perspective to the whole concept of Borderlands, as we see them protest discrimination. It’s cool to think that these shapeshifters are considered second class in society, which is why some bad image is attached to them.

One cool thing that seems to be a separate theme for each episode is now the explosion. Hidden in a pot of colorful and beautiful flowers, the culprit decided to send explosions to multiple places as a protest and warning to the Japanese government. Who would have thought that this not-so-promising series would end up hiding something that would make the whole story relevant and important over time?

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Edge Services Episode 4
Edge Services HQ Receives Flower Bomb

Patterns and Motivations

It was revealed that the culprit was apparently a Borderlands man, an old man named Ren Yigang, who worked as a courier with a penchant for tinkering with machines. Interestingly, the reason he wants to create the explosion isn’t just because of Rubber’s orders, but because his own hatred of humans has abandoned frontiersmen for a long time.

Edge Services Episode 4a
Izuna Ren, the Tengu frontier man behind the bombing

Clearly, the Borderlanders aren’t just the aliens or monsters we might first think of.They’re more like a combination of mystical and folklore creatures, in this case Tengu who is the descendant of a skyline Or the monks who protected the land many years ago, only to end up disappointed by the decisions of human modernization and capitalism.

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That’s why he follows a pattern when he blows up certain places.He sticks to the position Five colors don’t move Or temples from five centuries ago, where each bombing site was marked with five different colors representing the five color elements in Buddhist belief, eventually revealing the presence of a mysterious green boulder at the final site of the bombing.

Edge Services Episode 4d
bombing pattern

Zeno’s Dark Past

The surprising yet curious part of the whole episode is Zeno It seemed to be buried in the ground by himself, but it kept lingering in his mind. This man who seems extremely harsh and stern clearly has trauma and bad memories from his past.

Edge Services Episode 4 f
Zeno witnesses the death of his loved one

People he loved and cared about were taken from him. He could only look at the woman’s body in sadness and disbelief.A glimpse into his past suggests that this may have happened because of Borderlanders, which is why Zeno quit his old job as a detective and joined Theodore Being a member of The Marginal Service would also explain why he never trusted or treated the Borderlanders kindly.


final verdict

There was another surprise in this episode, as this episode was also very interesting and full of mysteries. The whole concept of Borderlanders as unfairly treated immigrants confuses the conflict in the story.It keeps them from being able to be portrayed as bad guys or criminals this seriesbut there is a major social and historical issue between humans and them that bridges all the horrible things that happen in the world.

Edge Services Episode 4 g
Edge services are on target again

On the other hand, the mystery and complexity of Borderlands is also fascinating, as each episode digs deeper and presents more parts of the story. With a different theme and concept for each episode, it becomes a powerful weapon in this unknown original anime, so at least it can be watched and entertained by many casual viewers.

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