The Marginal Service Episode 6 Review

The stakes and stakes of the mission get higher and higher as Boltz and Robin are kidnapped by rubber suits due to a Borderlands man attack and an accident during an observation by the Fringe Service on East Wild Island.

Edge Services Episode 6a
Fringe service suits up against Shark Borlderlander

Aquamarine Borderlands

One of the interesting things we saw in this episode is that Borderlands is clearly not just land creatures, there are many more species that haven’t been seen before, including sea sharks and kappas.

Edge Services Episode 6b
Sharks rescued and cared for by Kappa-like Borderlands

This episode lets us know that even Borderlanders, like humans, are susceptible to deadly medical diseases that affect the way they live. We’ve also seen some frontier dwellers prefer to stay away from human territory and live underwater because they don’t want to be bothered by humans.

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Stranded Doctor Kuja

If the last episode was dedicated to Lyrathis time for Cyrus N. Kuga. An introverted and mysterious man who is taciturn and unwilling to stand in the sun, but because he is skilled in medicine and keeps his eyes on the injured, he has a soft and kind heart for others.

Edge Services Episode 6 c
Kuga is operating on the shark Borlderlander

A young boy who was once a child prodigy is kicked out of his society and lives alone until he is selected by the United Nations to be part of fringe service.Who would have thought it was his backstory and character traits, at first glance he looks like abnormal?

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rubber suit is moving

We’ve never seen the series’ ultimate antagonist pose such a threat since he’s been introduced or mentioned multiple times on many different occasions, rubber suit idolThis time around, he may not have seen a lot of real action yet, but at least, he did his MO himself.

Edge Services Episode 6d
Rubber suit celebrating his successful kidnapping

Hiding out on Higashino Island and always on the lookout, anticipating and locating members of the fringe service has always made him so mysterious and fascinating, and now he has found it: by catching bolt and robin Stranded on the island after his thugs attack.

final verdict

It’s an astonishing mix of action, comedy, drama and suspense all at the same time in this 24-minute episode, much of it entertaining and exciting.traffic this original anime Always unpredictable, because the tasks and dangers that must be faced in each episode are always new and different, especially the appearance of sharks in No Man’s Land in this episode, Kuga’s character excavation, and rubber suit kidnapping.

Edge Services Episode 6 e
The remaining members prepare to rescue their teammates

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