“The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic” Will Air In 2024, Trailer Revealed

The isekai anime will be released on an undetermined date in 2024 and will be animated by Studio Add x Shin-Ei Animation.


Uritake An average high school student in every way—average grades, dreams, and dislike for extraordinary people. However, when he met the president and vice president of the student union, whether they were popular or extraordinary, he immediately became friends with them. All of this is interrupted when Ken’s new friend is summoned to another world – and he is accidentally summoned too!

Frustrated and with nowhere to go, he just sits quietly in the New World – until he discovers a fascination with healing magic, a rare form of magic that gives him both self-confidence and the attention of all mages Not all attention is good, however, and Ken realizes this when he is noticed by a deranged user of healing magic…

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by: MAL

key point

key point


trailer for the series

This looks like an exciting one! We’ll have a while before this series premieres, but I’m excited. Let us know if you’ll watch it below.

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