They Cut Off Where I Was Wished Death, Called Abortionist – Phyna Cries Foul Play » NGNews247

“Big Brother Naga” season seven winner Josephine Otabor, known simply as Fina, accused the reality show’s organizers of foul play and defended her outburst over Kiki during a reunion that aired Thursday. defended.

Ngnews247 recalled that Fina humiliated Kiki on the show because she was a stripper and also claimed that she was much older than she claimed, adding that she abandoned her husband and children, resulting in the death of one of the children.

Fans of the show were less than happy about her outburst, who took to social media platforms to express their disappointment, with many saying they regretted voting for Fina.

Fina defended herself via her Snapchat page, saying her outburst was “a fight back”.

She said that in the first episode of the reunion show, she was body-shamed, called an abortionist and wanted to die, but organizers cut that part and only showed her side.

The reality star also claimed organizers tried to “break” her after “shaping” her.

She wrote: “They took off where I was body shamed, called saggy breasts and shapeless. They took what I was called uterusless and an abortionist. They took me where they called drug addicts A place for addicts. They took away where I wished to die…

“On the first day, they took what I was called a snatcher, then skipped to the second day and made me fight back myself… where are you, god of fina?”

Fina said 27 roommates could attest that she was enraged.

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