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“This is Draining and Toxic” – Sandra Iheuwa Calls Out Ex For Monitoring Her » Ngnews247

Businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa casts a heavy shadow over her ex, Thompson, and calls him out to spy on her every move.

The mother of three, who was briefly married to her ex-husband, slammed him for spying on her every move. A post by Sandra indicated that her ex-husband went to court to say she was currently in South Africa with another man.

Sandra said he even mentioned the mystery man’s name and called her a gold digger. In her post, she concluded that the situation was “exhausting and toxic.”

Sandra wrote:

No you say you don’t want to, you say I’m a bad person, no you say you don’t move on…no you come to shame my social media…but you went to court today saying I’m in South Africa and even mentioned man this The name of the person said that the person pressed my ynash on social media 😳😩 even said I was a gold digger 😳 Which gold did you get that I dug? 😩 Damn if I do, damn if I don’t…it’s toxic and draining. I’m tired! ! ! ! !:”

See video below;

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