Three French police officers charged over man’s death during riots

Three French police officers were charged on Thursday over the death of a 27-year-old man in the southern city of Marseille in early July during nationwide rioting, prosecutors said.

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The three will be charged with “armed violence unintentionally causing death”, the prosecutor’s office said, after the autopsy of the man who died during riots showed marks on his chest consistent with the impact of a shot from a blast ball commonly used by police.

The three are also banned from having any contact with plaintiffs in the case, and from participating in any police contingent concerned with urban riot control or large-scale events.

The three had been arrested on Tuesday over the incident, the only known death linked to the unrest that gripped France in late June and early July over killing of a teenager by a policeman during a traffic check outside Paris on June 27.

The riots were met by a forceful police response.

The man, Mohamed Bendriss—a married father of one whose widow is now expecting a second child—died after feeling unwell while riding a scooter.

The prosecutor’s office has said it considers it “probable” that the man’s death was “caused by a violent impact to the thorax caused by the firing of a projectile of the blast ball type”.


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