Tips for Selecting the Ideal Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil scents can help elevate your mood from invigorating grapefruit to soothing lavender. But how do you choose the best essential oil diffusers?


There are several different sizes of essential oil diffusers to choose from. Smaller ones can fit on your desk or bedroom, while larger models can cover a large room. Some are also designed to double as a night light and have varying LED colors.

A diffuser is a safe and easy alternative to burning candles, which can cause air pollution and release harmful chemicals. It is a well-known fact that the levels of indoor pollutants are significantly higher than outdoor pollutants. It’s crucial to know that scented candles from paraffin wax derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil have been associated with several health issues.

GearLab tested over 100 products from major online retailers and boutiques, drugstores, supermarkets, and home furnishings stores to find the best essential oil diffusers. They consulted with aromatherapists and an arachnologist to understand how the devices work, then evaluated them for safety and ease of use. They also analyzed their appearance and functionality. It helped us pick the top seven, which are listed below.


The capacity of a diffuser will determine how many hours it can last and how big of an area it can cover. You can find small, compact units that can only scent a room or larger models that can fill a whole house or office.

The smaller diffusers are typically more affordable but may not have a timer or light settings. To ensure you make the best decision, consider your diffuser’s purpose before purchasing. Remember that smaller models may pose a challenge when it comes to cleaning. This advice comes from an essential oil expert and author in Los Angeles.

Most people use diffusers to make their homes smell good, but there are also many health benefits. The vapor from essential oils can help clear nasal passages and relieve coughing. And some, like eucalyptus, are anti-inflammatory and great for respiratory issues. You can even use a diffuser to get better sleep or reduce anxiety. It can also be used as a nightlight or to create a mood-enhancing ambiance in your home.


The best essential oil diffusers are made from high-quality materials like ceramic and glass. They should be easy to clean and sturdy enough for everyday use. They should also have a low-noise design. Look for one that will fit well in your space and match your home’s decor.

Some essential oil diffusers have additional features, like LED lighting and music. These can add to the diffuser’s enjoyment and may be helpful in some cases. However, they are optional for most users.

The vaporization of oils is safe, but there are safety concerns when using certain essential oil ingredients near babies, young children, pregnant women, and pets. Some experts recommend that you only use a small amount of essential oil. Using a different scent all day or night is also a good idea because the smell can become overpowering. For example, eucalyptus oil is refreshing but can also irritate sensitive lungs. It is why it is vital to choose the best essential oil diffusers.

Power source

You can use a diffuser to dispense essential oils for emotional and physical benefits like relaxation, improved moods, healthier skin, reduced stress, and improved sleep. The oils in these natural plant extracts contain complex chemical compounds that work differently in the body and have various therapeutic properties.

Using water and electricity, an ultrasonic oil diffuser effortlessly releases a finely dispersed mist of essential oils into the air. The wattage of these devices varies between 6W and 25W, though 12W is most common. Compared to other electric appliances, they typically use less than half as much electricity (specifically, 4″ – 6.9″ table fans) and about five times less than a laptop consumes on average.

Plugged into a power outlet, this intelligent essential oil diffuser lets you control settings from your phone. This sleek pick features a glass bottle with a decorative wood grain design, a large water tank that holds 400 milliliters, and auto shut-off when the water level gets low. It also features seven LED color options, several mist settings, and a built-in nightlight displaying the time.


With the right essential oil, aromatherapy can help ease stress and anxiety. Whether it’s clary sage for energy, vetiver to calm, lavender to lull you into sweet dreams, or peppermint for focus, there is one that suits your mood and helps you achieve mindfulness.

To use a diffuser, add a few drops of your chosen oils to the water inside and turn it on to enjoy. Avoid heating the oils, which could change their delicate chemical structure and potentially reduce their medicinal properties.

A good choice for a larger room, this ultrasonic diffuser comes with a modern marble grain design and can run up to eight hours before refilling. It also features auto-shut ones with ten essential oils for convenience.


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