Tonikawa Season 2 Episode 5 Review

KanameMom gave Nazuo and Shi a chance to go to a hot spring together, and they bumped into an old woman who looked familiar!

Kaname’s gift

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Kaname Gives Tickets to Our Favorite Couple

So the hot spring ticket was originally for Xiao Yao, but out of kindness she gave it to nasa and manage. Arisugawa Bathhouse It might not be the best bath in Japan, which is joked about a lot, but the onsen that Nasa Kazushi visited doesn’t do it any favors. The hot springs look really stunning, making the bathhouses of hometown look – so to speak – below averageHa ha.


Screenshot 2023 05 05 on September 23, 2005
NASA in hot springs

Dating itself is wholesome, like everything else Nasa and Tsukasa do.this real when is the fun part Time child Appeared, Sihe Chitoselegal grandmother. The way Nasa can’t remember her is really funny, bless him. He knew he recognized her from somewhere, just beyond the reach of his fingers. Si came out of nowhere and roasted her directly, which was also ridiculous.

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Tokiko’s suggestion

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staring at Shi Zi

Tsukasa can be a little harsh at times, and we’ve seen it firsthand. But we also see that she can be affectionate too, especially when alone with Nasa. Will she accept Tokiko’s proposal? Who knows, we will wait and see! Moreover, both Nasha and Si seem to have locked their eyes on the bathtub! Will they have the courage to share? If you stop by the preview credits for the next episode, you’ll see a subtle hint of what they’re up to!

plot idea

This episode was pretty good – a wholesome date between Nasa and Tsukasa, where can you go wrong? It looks like that date will carry over to next week’s episode as well! Let us know how you feel about the collection below!

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