Tonikawa Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Summer is tough for Nasa and Kazuki, so they head to Nasa’s old friend’s shop to buy an air conditioner.

looking for air conditioner

Screenshot 2023 05 19 at 22.35.30
Nasa’s old friend from middle school – Ouka Nakiri

With heat coming from nowhere, nasa and manage They Need Air Conditioning to Cool Down—Lucky for Old NASA Friend Osmanthus Just what they needed. She was a little slow to realize what the other party said to her. It took her at least ten seconds to realize that Nasha and Si were married. We see this again later when Kyuuma-chan is introduced, except her condition is presumed to be due to her stupidity. Both Ouka and Kyumma-chan have the same black hair, so is Ouka Kyumma-chan’s older sister? We will wait and see!

Too hot or too cold?

Screenshot 2023 05 19 at 22.40.40
Nasa and Tsukasa trying to decide the temperature of the air conditioner

Glad these two now have air conditioning, sure, but it would be nice to know how to use it for maximum efficiency. When it gets too hot, they turn on the air conditioner, which makes it too cold – instead of turning it off, they could have taken their married couple game to the next level and warmed each other up with their body heat, couldn’t they ?

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Luxurious Kuma sauce

Screenshot 2023 05 19 at 22.40.54
Empty Kuma sauce

Luxury and short are definitely two words to describe Kuma sauce, can you think of anything else? I mean come on, she literally forgot to go to school because in her own words, “people are talking about summer vacation so I think it’s summer vacation” – seriously? How bad (sorry I had to do this lol). With her and Ouka on the way, it will be exciting to see the series’ cast grow and Nasa and Tsukasa make new friends.

plot idea

Great introduction to the two new characters and I’m looking forward to seeing where the series takes them! We’re now in the second half of the season, assuming it’s 12 or 13 episodes long, how do you guys feel? What’s your favorite moment of the season so far? Let us know below!

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