Too Cute Crisis Episode 12 Review

Lisa and other researchers visit the zoo

The final episode allows the captain of the Asathos Empire to witness the cuteness of the animals on Earth. The anime may be over, but the spirit of Lisa and her friends from the galaxy or Earth who continue to love animals will live on forever.

old man and his god

Too Cute Crisis Episode 12B
captain and his pet

The episode was another 24 minutes long and packed with lots of funny and silly moments from start to finish.The first part brings us the dignity and pride of the Azathothian researcher who claims that no animal on earth is cuter than his weirdness ugly The pet in his lap ends up being knocked out, just like his men did after seeing pandas and giraffes on Earth.

Interestingly, the Azatosians have always had a low standard of cuteness for animals. Because the creatures on board, or most of the creatures they’ve ever seen, are either weird or just kind of funny, with only one or two being cute.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 12C
Lisa takes her friends into the spaceship of the Empire of Azathoth

zoo survival race

Another hilarious moment comes midway through the episode when Lisa prepares a contingency plan to get her comrades back before they die by teleporting them back as soon as they die. terrified.

Too cute crisis episode 12d
Captain Mimic Super Saiyan Mode

The way everyone in the group starts being sucked out and sent away through the portal above their heads is pretty interesting because it’s executed as if they were actually kidnapped or even killed. To add fuel to the fire, the captain has to transform into a Super Saiyan to stay still, and Liza’s idea of ​​teleporting everyone applies to herself hypnotized by an elephant.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 12E
The captain and Lisa are teleported to the spaceship

earth worth studying

In the end, the story could have ended on an anti-climactic note, since none of the conflicts were resolved considering the series didn’t actually deliver a major conflict either. Just need the voice and support of everyone on board, lisa was sent back to earth to continue her life night sky and her investigations of humans and their animals.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 12
Azatosia researchers

final verdict

since so cute crisis It is a light comedy, and the last episode successfully drew a successful conclusion for the animation adaptation. While not giving the story a “proper ending,” the ending still leaves a bold impression that the comical life of a pet owner and animal worshiper is at the core of the series’ identity. Make no mistake, the series may not be hyped, and arguably underrated, but it will definitely become a hallmark of animal-themed anime and manga.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 12 F
The night sky happily jumped on his master

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