Too Cute Crisis Episode 3 Review

Reinforcements arrive to help Lisa with “cats” that the Atazos consider dangerous.However, as lisa Prediction And we all know that misconceptions about cats will only lead to more chaotic drama on Earth, especially when Kasumi’s family reveals their own adorable pet.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 3 f
Aliens shocked and awed by cuteness of hamster and porcupine

Introducing Garumi & Luster

The two people who appeared at the end of the second episode made their full appearance in this episode, and their misunderstandings about cats are even more funny and unsolvable.There was a girl in a red dress called Karumiand the other turned out to be a “he,” a boy with a third eye on his forehead named Rust.

Too cute crisis episode 3 c
Garumi is obsessed with Yozora

As usual, they’re both depicted as beings who think humans are repulsive and below them, while also thinking cats are horrible creatures with dangerous abilities that knock Lisa down. Well, that’s not entirely wrong, other than the fact that this ability is only because it’s cute and furry.

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Which brings us to the funniest part of the episode, not only are they both surprised and confused by their mistake, but they also react to the cat in very different ways luster People who want to touch cats are obviously allergic to them, and Garumi somehow has a weird obsession that makes her want to cuddle furry things right away.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 3a
Luster is allergic to cats

Meet the Hamster and the Porcupine

As if being “attacked” by a cute dog wasn’t enough, the episode brings us even more wholesome moments as a group of aliens arrive for more research XiaAt the grandfather’s house, they meet and engage in a “pet battle” with Kasumi’s grandfather (who owns a hamster) and Kasumi’s cousin (who owns a baby porcupine).

This issue continues with Garumi and Luster’s hilarious moments and intense pet duels between owners. It’s really funny to think that the aliens from the Empire of Azathoth never actually met or saw any pet animals from Earth in the vastness of the galaxy.

Too cute crisis episode 3 e
porcupine and hamster

final verdict

Won’t lie, episode 3 was by far the funniest and most enjoyable in the seriesThe story focuses more on the “human” (alien) side and it shows more interactions and reactions between them than just shocking them about the existence of pets on earth. It’s amazing at times to think how the simple narrative and idea of ​​”Aliens Invading Earth” can be turned into a truly wholesome, creepy, but at the same time suspicious, comedy sci-fi series.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 3b
Luster & Garumi play with the night sky

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