Too Cute Crisis Episode 5 Review

Too cute crisis episode 5 c
character playing with the night sky

The episode introduces Liza to all sorts of new things about cats, whether it’s their ancestry and connection to other similar animals, interactions with kittens, or what it’s like to worry about losing a pet.

learning felines

in short, cat family is the family of mammals of the order Carnivora, which includes 37 species including cheetahs, pumas, jaguars, leopards, lions, bobcats, tigers and house cats, the information was finally presented to Liza, Karumiand luster.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 5a
Garumi, Lustre and Liza learn about felines on TV

This part of the episode probably has messages for not just the characters, but a lot of viewers, though obviously, none of us think cats will end up growing into lions one day like Lisa and the rest of the cats.

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Healthy Kitten Content

The second part of this episode brings us a new male character named Kaoru, a classmate of Kogane’s who just adopted a 1-month-old cat named Iroha and took the kitten’s The growth and activities are recorded as videos and will be uploaded to Parody Youtube, Youtube.

too cute crisis 5d
Azatosian researchers guest on Kaoru and Iroha video

What’s funny about this episode isn’t just the kitty’s health, but its hilarious reactions lisa Kaoru and others were also asked to participate in the video. And, let’s not forget the little flavor of romance that this episode brings, as we see Kogane and Kaoru seem to develop feelings for each other.

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Looking for a lost pug

Too Cute Crisis Episode 5 f
Ryunosuke reunites with the lost Pug

The theme of the third and final act is “Lost and Finding Pets,” as we first see Lisa panic about a missing pet night sky who somehow apparently found a way to get home safely, and then we witness Lisa, Xiaand Seiji Help a young man named Ryunosuke find his family’s missing pug named Kotaro. Who would have thought that alien beings from a galaxy far, far away would use her technology and abilities on Earth, just to help Earthlings find missing animals?

final verdict

It’s always amazing to think about how a story keeps expanding its characters and conflicts with each episode, especially since each episode contains two or three stories at the same time. As mentioned in previous posts, it was a bit of a challenge and crazy to create a fictional story based on the premise of “aliens studying and caring for the cutest animals on Earth”. series.

too cute crisis 5g
Lisa is flying around the city looking for Kotaro

If there’s anything meh about this episode, it’s again a matter of the drawing quality of some of the scenes and frames, especially when the characters are presented in “main angle camera”, most of them are unfortunately poorly executed and not detailed.


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