Too Cute Crisis Episode 7 Review

Too Cute Crisis Episode 7a
Night Sky gets along well with Mech Night Sky

The episode brought another misunderstanding to the Azathoth, who demanded that Lisa return to the ship to report and loan her the android-creation technology that replicates the night sky and turns it into real life. Mecha.

cat trick

As usual, the most interesting things in this series are the aliens’ misconceptions and unknowns about Earth and its animals. This time, it probably became a scene in the minds of most viewers, and it was really going to happen! lisa Having to return to the ship and report on her mission on Earth, her people are somewhat skeptical.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 7b
Azatosian researchers react to cat-themed merchandise

It’s interesting to see how Liza’s researchers respond differently to cats and their appearance or behavior. Some of them think Lisa has been brainwashed by cats and that the creature is harmful, but some others (or maybe all of them) end up falling in love with just the silhouette or image of the creature.

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Childhood sweetheart becomes colleague

Too cute crisis episode 7 c
Lisa and Amato’s Childhood

A nice little touch in this episode is about Tianmen And Lisa, they’ve known each other since childhood. They walked together, with the same dream in mind, to see the splendor of the vast universe, and here they performed the “sacred” mission of observing and understanding the contents of the Milky Way.

terminator but it’s a cat

The second half of the episode proves once again how unimaginable the series is as it brings a robot night sky Uncontrollably becoming too smart and advanced to even have feelings and thoughts of their own.

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Too cute crisis episode 7d
Night Sky vs. Mecha Night Sky Fights for Master

This kind of tropes and storylines can be found in action movies or fiction with apocalyptic themes.But here it shows that even simple comedies and sci-fi stories like too cute crisis The concept can be used and implemented as fun as possible, especially in combination with petting.

final verdict

Too Cute Crisis keeps delivering new unpredictable scenarios with each episode, and all of them have been pretty entertaining so far. We’d probably like to see more people from the Asathoth Empire involved in the story, and it’s possible that the climax of the series will focus on Amatoth et al’s discovery of the cat. When this happens, you know how messy things can get.

Too Cute Crisis Episode 7e
Amato shamelessly wears cat-themed shirt and falls in love with cats

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