Top 10 Lucrative Artificial Intelligence Jobs

In India, AI is prevalent in many industries from agriculture to manufacturing. The role of AI applications is no longer limited to large organizations. AI processes are widely used in companies with various backgrounds and non-technical specialties, such as HR consulting and hospitality.

Career opportunities in artificial intelligence continue to evolve, and the need for skilled IT professionals to solve a variety of complex problems is changing the future of artificial intelligence. Before we move on to look at the many types of job opportunities AI offers in the tech industry, let’s quickly review what AI is.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is responsible for building innovative intelligent machines that can perform tasks by mimicking human behavior and intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to mimic human intelligence in the areas of perception, reasoning, learning, interacting with their surroundings, and solving problems. Master of Artificial Intelligence Can help you start your career in a company that innovates and delivers great business solutions.

Various examples of artificial intelligence assisting you in your daily life without you even knowing it, as the impact of artificial intelligence permeates everything you do as it allows you to save time, increase productivity, and make Your daily tasks just got easier. For example, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa help you perform different functions throughout the day. Likewise, Netflix provides you with personalized recommendations based on a user’s viewing history and preferences.

Top 10 Hot AI Jobs for 2023

according to Indian Journal of Analysis, The AI ​​market in India is expected to grow to $71 billion by 2027. Job opportunities in AI are expanding due to digitization due to massive AI investments in India by the government and other multinational corporations. We’ll list a variety of AI job roles that IT professionals can explore. Artificial intelligence is a vast field that requires different skills and expertise.

Data scientists use patterns and data to solve complex business challenges. They collect, analyze and draw conclusions from many sources. They use various tools and techniques to make sense of unstructured data. For example, they must be proficient in programming skills such as SQL, Python, etc. Data scientists must also use cloud tools like Amazon S3 to predict future trends and make recommendations.The average salary of a data scientist in India is rupee. 1.2 million rupees.

  • machine learning engineer

Since machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning engineers are responsible for creating frameworks for scalable data science models. They must have an educational background in mathematics and data science, and be proficient in coding and programming.According to Glassdoor, the annual salary of a machine learning engineer in India is rupee. 8,50,000.

Big data engineers are experts in developing and maintaining big data infrastructures that produce results aligned with business goals.The current annual salary of a big data engineer in the technology market is rupee. 7,48,500 The number of people with experience in data structures, R, SQL, Hadoop, Kafka, etc. may be as high as 2.2 million in India.

Career opportunities in artificial intelligence also include product manager roles. They are an integral part of the business because they are responsible for collecting and analyzing data, and because they can spot problems and fix them before they become a hindrance to the company.

These scientists work extensively on various cutting-edge technologies to surpass the previous generation of machine learning. They often have an educational background in natural language processing, mathematics, advanced statistics, and more.At the junior level, research scientists can earn up to rupee. 8,15,776 In India, according to Glassdoor.

This is an entry-level job opportunity for artificial intelligence. They help superiors on the team to actively present information. They look at data and advise businesses on how to improve efficiency. They need strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to discern patterns and familiarity with SQL, statistics, machine learning and related fields. They can get packages of Rs. 6 lakh rupees In India, according to Glassdoor.

Natural language processing engineers are artificial intelligence experts in spoken and written language. Voice assistants, speech recognition, and document processing engineers all use NLP. Computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians might be considered for roles described in AI job descriptions. The salary range for an NLP engineer is rupee. 8,17 966 Each year, this can also be increased with experience.

As the name suggests, they create artificial intelligence applications. They collaborate with other data scientists, architects, etc. to develop and maintain the systems and applications they work on. They must have a strong engineering background as well as programming skills.

To improve the likelihood of earning a higher salary in this specific AI job role, engineers can also consider earning a master’s degree in AL and use the certification to land better job positions.Typically, software engineers earn up to 7 lakh rupees As a base salary for one year, up to Rs. 2.8 lakhs with experience and certification courses.

Robotics is a niche field that creates AI-powered robots to help health care And perform surgery. This requires advanced degrees in engineering, mathematics and statistics. A robotics engineer must have a solid understanding of IoT, 2D/3D vision systems, etc.In India, the average salary of a robotics engineer is rupee. 5 lakh rupeesAccording to Glassdoor.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence development is one of the artificial intelligence job opportunities in India that professionals can consider. This particular job requires professionals with business acumen combined with artificial intelligence. They identify trends and help businesses make investment decisions through their strategies.The salary of a business intelligence developer is rupee. 6,99,646 Per year.

in conclusion

These are the top 10 job opportunities for AI professionals. Artificial intelligence is a dynamic industry, and there are other career opportunities even for professionals with non-technical backgrounds. By taking certification courses, you can take advantage of the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and learn about the latest technologies and techniques in the industry. Follow this path and you will inevitably land a high-paying career in a high-demand field.

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