The defender position is very, very important in football. After all, as the legendary coach of the past, Helenio Herrera said: “If we don’t concede a goal, we don’t lose”. This sentence is the most banal and obvious, but after all it is a fact and it is simply impossible to argue with it. Unfortunately, the reality is that defenders are often denied individual awards, applause and worldwide recognition. But this is really unfair… And they, at least no less than the players in the attack group, have all the above rights.

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3. Gaetano scirea

In football, Cirea started playing for Italian club Atalanta. After two seasons at a high level, he was spotted by Juventus scouts and readily moved on. Part of the “Old Signora” “Guy,” as Shirea got his nickname from his colleagues, he played 14 seasons and 377 games. As for the trophies won, the player’s collection is very, very diverse. This was Italy’s 7 league titles, 2 Nations Cups, UEFA Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and of course the long awaited European Cup in May 1985. In fact, this is Juve’s first major victory in Europe, and it is related to surnames such as Platini, Rossi, Cabrini, Tardelli, Bonnec. The captain of the whole cool team is Gaetano Scirea.

2. Carles Puyol

Tough character and dependable – these are the words to describe Tarzan. Nickname given to the player for his hairstyle. It seems that it is better not to characterize a person who has never met in his life. Remember the great Italian Roberto Baggio for his club and as part of the Italian national team. That line always comes to mind – he led the game, but he didn’t. It was about Carles Puyol, you could say that – he didn’t lead the game, he led the game. Should the central defender lead the game? Absolutely no obligation. A true leader on the field, someone who defines the mentality and character of the team. Puyol brought a championship spirit to the squad and has been the source of an indestructible, winning mood in his squad.

1. Bobby Moore

The main club of the player’s career is West Ham United in London. He will spend 15 seasons here, play more than 600 games, wear the captain’s armband for more than 10 years, and thus won the nickname of “Iron Captain” and the tacit title of “Mr. Captain”. West Ham”. Again, he’ll even stand in the door to reflect a penalty. This will happen in the League Cup against Stoke City. Moore will win 2 trophies on top of that. Those titles will be Bobby’s first and last career at his club. In 1964, at the legendary Wembley West Ham, Moura beat Preston North End 3-2. A year later, at The Hammers beat Germany’s 1860 Munich in the Cup Winners’ Cup final at the same stadium. But the major triumph of Moore’s career and the entire history of English football would come later and again at the great Wembley Stadium Happened. This stadium will be decisive for the players. Many years later, in May 2007, a 6-meter-high bronze statue of an epoch-making figure in English football was erected near the stadium.

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