Top 5 Bikini Styles You Should Try At The Beach

Nothing says summer like diving into sun-drenched surf wearing your favorite swimwear. But have you considered branching out from that basic bottom you’ve worn for years? There are so many stunning bikini styles beyond the boyshort cut worth exploring at your local boardwalk boutique. From itsy-bitsy cuts to vintage vibes, experimenting with new silhouettes lets your inner beach babe shine through. Here are some five suits sure to spark excitement along the shoreline.

1. Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Featuring more coverage than a thong but less fabric than a full-coverage bottom, a cheeky bikini flaunts your assets tastefully. Offering fantastic mobility, whether you’re shaking sand from your suit or strutting your stuff in the shallows, this cut sitting high on the hips accentuates your curves.

With backsides barely covered, a minimal coverage cheeky bikini exudes confidence in a flirty yet elegant way. A true classic, this style pairs beautifully with any top for looking lovely in or out of water.

2. String Bikinis

String bikinis might seem intimidating at first but they really flatter all figures. Tied securely on the hips and back with delicate string, the slender lines accent the hips and derriere lovely. Slightly more revealing than a traditional bikini bottom, string suits highlight natural shapes with carefree charm.

Opt for adjustable ties allowing a tailored fit whether lounging or playing beach games. Thin strings come in varied materials like nylon, metallic, and crocheted textures bringing boho vibes to your vacation wardrobe.

3. High-waisted bottoms

Subtly sculpting your midsection, retro-inspired high-waisted bottoms lengthen your legs beautifully. With more coverage than a cheeky bikini cut, while still showing skin, this flattering silhouette disguises problem areas. The high rise also prevents the suit from riding up with movement, ensuring coverage feels secure all day.

Vintage silhouettes with low-cut legs let legs shine through for a statuesque form. When paired with a contrasting top half, this fit adds polish fitting any occasion, from sunbathing to cocktails.

4. Monokinis for Modern One-Piece Elegance

A hybrid between a one-piece and a bikini, monokinis marry sleek sophistication with two-piece boldness. Cut-out panels reveal glimpses of skin, like simple stripes across the midriff or delicate floral accents along the hips.

With support similar to one-pieces and the flirty appeal of a bikini, this style flatters various body types. Opt for solid fabrics or woven details that seamlessly blend into any ocean view. Perfect for watersports, relaxing stretchy fabrics hug curves tastefully.

5. Full Triangle Tops

Whether chosen to balance busts larger than bottoms or as a standalone piece, triangle bikini tops lend visual harmony. Structured smoothly across chests, their versatility flatters busts of all sizes with adjustable back straps.

Mix triangle tops with high-cut bottoms, elongating the midsection or string sides showcasing curves. Diverse designs include halter neckties, criss-cross backs, and strappy accents. This classic top perfectly pairs with any suit bottom for feeling confident under the sun’s glow.

Find Your Flattering Fit

With so many qualities to appreciate in each style, don your favorite cut and hit the shore enjoying summer fun. Branch beyond standards, broadening perspectives and esteem, and providing beach memories to last lifetimes. What’s more, a variety of fits also ensures you always have the perfect swimsuit on hand, no matter the occasion or activity. Check out Gone Bananas Beachwear for various solid and patterned bikini styles among the many minimal-coverage bikini bottoms.

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