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7. Yvonne

Yvonne One of the roommates who stayed at Brother Titian’s house. She was one of the roommates to be introduced and she has been providing content back to back. Her romance with Juicy Jay also upped her game. She currently has 165,000 followers.

6. Chazi

Chazi, the South African woman has proven to be a contender for the $100,000 grand prize. Her romance with Kanaga Jnr is supported by fans and her relationship with Ebubu is also very good. Tsatsii now has approximately 98.1k followers.

5. Blue Ava

Blue Eva One of the roommates who showed up during the pool party. She appears with Miracle OP, Sandra (Evicted), Theo Thraw (Evicted). Blue has been trending lately thanks to the triangle relationship between her, Yemi, and Khosi. She dances really well and has a great vibe. She currently has 150,000 followers.

4. He Bang

Tabang He is the youngest child in the family, and many fans love him because he is cute and has great communication skills. He’s interested in Nelisa, but with Nelisa’s relationship with Mmeli, the ship is currently rocking. He now has 159,000 followers.

3. Eboob

eboob, albino Nigerian roommate is another favorite to win the show. He has become a household name after appearing in music videos for BNXN, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy and more. Ebubu is also the big shot in the family. He is currently verified on Instagram with 114,000 followers.

2. Kosi

Kosi, the 25-year-old South African woman is one of the top contenders for the grand prize. She’s one of the roommates to be introduced, and she’s been doing a lot of drama. Her drama with Yemi, Miracle, and Blue Aiva has helped her game a lot. She now has 186,000 followers.


1. Kanaga Jnr

Kim Yong Loved by fans. He has a strong fan base and is another serious contender for the award. His romance with Tsatsii also helped his game. He now has 166,000 followers.

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