Turn Off the Camera! Review

Turn off the camera! Created by Kang Unnie and illustrated by Miss PM, presents a unique premise revolving around the leader of an idol group, Yeon Ji-hoon, who finds himself embroiled in a reality show alongside top stars Do Yoojin and Seon Yohan.However, the series suffers from major flaw This hinders its overall enjoyment.

turn off the camera manga
(Left to Right) Seon Yohan, Joohin and Do Yoojin.

Turn off the camera! Follow Yeon Ji-hoon, the captain of an idol group facing a career slump. Appearing on a reality TV show with popular stars Do Woo-jin and Sun Yo-han, Ji-hoon has a chance to save his team, but he soon discovers a major obstacle: Woo-jin and Yo-han can’t resist each other’s sexual desires. To prevent a scandal from ruining the show and his own career, Ji-hoon must do whatever it takes to keep their passionate encounter hidden from the camera. Can he keep their prank a secret for two weeks? How will he handle the attention when Yoojin and Yohan turn their eyes on him instead of each other?

Joohin turns off the camera cartoon
Joohin, the protagonist of the series.

Please note that as of this writing, the manga is still published under Lezhen Manga, so the opinions expressed in this review may change. Please also note that the content discussed contains potentially abusive themes as well as extreme sexual themes and nudity. If you choose to read this comic, you are warned.

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One of the main criticisms of the manga is its lack of believability. Jihoon seems straight at the beginning of the manga – or at least, not interested in romance or partnership.Also, the way Yoojin and Yohan have sex with Jihoon gives the impression that predatory and manipulative, Any potential for a healthy romantic dynamic is glossed over.

Turn off camera casting
Turn off camera casting

The bad relationship between Yoojin and Yohan adds to the overall negative tone of the story. Their constant feuding and rivalry over Jihoon created a hostile environment devoid of any semblance of genuine and loving connection. I think they’re going for a polyamorous angle, but it’s still poorly executed and fails to portray the development of a healthy and consensual relationship.

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On the plus side, however, “Turn Off the Camera!” boasts a visually appealing art style, showcasing beautiful and well-drawn illustrations. Attention to detail and quality artwork enhance the reading experience, allowing readers to appreciate the aesthetic aspects of the manga.

While the idea is unique—a love triangle that works in favor of the main characters, so they have some kind of incentive to keep it going—it’s crucial to approach the series with caution due to its sexually explicit content and mature themes.

Overall, the series ended up being just another weird, toxic, sex-filled comic. Now, if you liked these weird, toxic love triangle comics, you might like this one! It is highly rated on Lezhen. I myself can’t avoid enjoying some silly, dark and toxic relationships; this one just happens to be one of my misses.


Conclusion: creepy.

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