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Two Endowed Slay Queens Fume After Spotting Slim Colleague Inside ‘Big Car’ (Video) » Ngnews247

Two young kill queens position themselves as being approached by men who, despite their physical assets, are left out in the cold.

They were especially annoyed when they saw a slender Kill Queen being picked up by a big guy in an expensive car.

One of the women said she decided to go out on her own and was spotted by their co-workers just as they were leaving a shopping centre.

In a video posted online, the Kill Queens showed off their assets and said they had big hind legs, but no one noticed them enough to act.

And more laments that they’re going home on a keke napep while a lady not their stature is followed by a big man. She poses an open question about why men ignore them.

Watch the video below:

In response, capry_sunn wrote; I sleep well knowing my friends or family can’t go online and talk trash 🤞

miss_roseabel; Work hard and get yourself that big car.. you can do it 🙌🙌🙌🙌


Chrisz 090; Are you sane?no it’s only yansh now you just say you’re not sane

Ambo Lubsen; Na una problem be that, when you start think that you’re too ended to be poor na there problem start, go find work

_gypsy_rose; this is just u have to provide 🤮🤮 My sister and Dey are everywhere so u have to bring things to the table

Official .adebosipo; This is too low👎👎👎 Women need to learn self-esteem and self-love✅

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