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Veteran Nollywood actor Palio Lodo received a new 2014 Toyota Camry, food and household items after calling for help.

A few days ago, Pariolodo shared a video with his two children in which they recounted his hardships, including an incomplete home and a desperate need for reliable transportation.

In a touching video, Pariolodo bravely shared his hardships, including an incomplete residence and a desperate need for reliable transportation.

Moved by his sincere plea, Nigerians from all over the world came to his aid.

Pariolodo’s plea was answered by Pastor Gabriel, who also helped veteran actress Iya Gbonkan secure her car and finish her house.

Pastor Gabriel visited Pariolodo and together they live-streamed to raise awareness of his plight. Their efforts have borne fruit, with generous donations totaling 6 million Nigerian Naira from kind-hearted Nigerians around the world to support him.

A memorable moment happened on Saturday when Pariolodo received the keys to his new Toyota Camry. He has also received a large amount of food and household items to ensure that his emergency needs are met.

Watch the video below:

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