VIDEO: Kai Cenat Dragged Adin Ross For Saying N WORD While Performing On Stage With Chief Keef

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kai Cenat dragged Adin Ross for saying N WORD while performing on stage with Chief Keef.

Adin Ross is seen bouncing on stage with Chief Keef who was rapping. Towards the end, Chief Keef gave Adin Ross the mic and he shyly said the Nword. 

Controversial streamer Adin Ross is once again under fire, this time for seemingly dropping the N-word live on the Kick platform. He did so during his popular e-dating show, so perhaps the beautiful woman made him nervous.

Ross, 22, reacted to the viral clip and claimed he didn’t say the racial slur, laughing at the video evidence. The Jewish streamer has a troubled past with racist remarks.

He admitted to saying the offensive word in the past, but was adamant that wasn’t the case this time around.

Fellow streamer Kai Cenat reacted to the video and stated that Ross is innocent. Both Ross and Cenat have been banned from Twitch, taking to Kick as the alternative.

Ross, who often has rappers on his stream, recently faced backlash after asking his followers to “act Black” for a contest.

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