Video | Shocking snapshots.. Japanese guards anger Al Hilal fans in Asian final | in Arabic

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During the second leg of the 2002 AFC Champions League final match between Saudi Arabia’s Hilal and Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds, a shocking incident occurred at Saitama Stadium.

Al-Hilal needed a positive result and their stubborn Japanese opponents put in a solid first-leg performance as the two teams drew at home with Riyadh.

Cameras captured a shocking image from the Saitama Stadium where security guards in the stands removed several banners of Al Hilal fans for no apparent reason.

While Al Hilal fans were banned from flying their flags, the security guards allowed Urawa fans to fly their flags normally, despite containing many provocative words about the opposing team. allow.

Notably, Al Hilal are chasing their third AFC Champions League title in the past four years, with titles in 2019 and 2021.

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