Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 16 Review

Vinland season 2 episode 16 a
The snake clashes with Thorfin

Who would’ve thought we’d see a serious rematch, with an intense battle between Thorfinn and Snake? ! It all started with a plan to distract the guards and secretly save a badly wounded Gardar. But all of Einar’s goodwill and Sverkel’s help turned the tables because Snake was not a foolish fighter who could be easily tricked.

All for the ones you love!

Vinland season 2 episode 16 b
Arnheid hides the wounded Gardar

It’s basically a phrase to describe the entire basis of the conflict in this episode.All the chaos on the scene started Anaheim He wanted to take care of her husband’s wounds, but let him go, causing him to kill the snake’s subordinates, and in the process of escaping, he suffered more serious injuries all over his body. The whole train wreck begins with Arnhead’s one simple wish to miraculously restart her life with his husband and the baby inside her.

Vinland season 2 episode 16 c
Thorfin and Einar listen to Arnheide’s pain and regret

This chaotic situation then “worsened” into Einar She secretly had a crush on Arnheide, and in order to save her from suffering, she encouraged her to secretly remove Arnheide’s hidden wounded body. Gada, and even initiated a plan to create an opportunity for Gardar to slip away. Basically everything that happens in this episode stems from a simple feeling of love, and a willingness to do anything, however risky and rule-breaking it may be for the loved one.

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Snakes are badass!

another cool moment snake here!Can’t believe a supporting character like him could be created and written so beautifully because he’s probably one of the most fascinating characters The second season of the legend of Vinland.

Vinland Season 2 Episode 16
The snake prepares to fight Thorfin

When he cleverly sensed the abnormality of “Gardar’s Escape”, he made a contingency plan, while remaining calm, he also had a fiery ambition to avenge the dead, and of course to fight our protagonist in a deadly duel.

New Torfinn’s Dilemma

Arguably the most enjoyable and emotional moment of the episode is when Thorfinn has to decide whether to fight Snake or keep his vow to stay away from fighting.the emergence of Askelade Thorfinn’s imagined heart voice is really cool and makes his plight more meaningful.

Vinland Season 2 Episode 16
Thorfinn in dagger stance ready to fight the snake

The situation he was involved in necessarily required him to fight Snake, and he definitely had reasons for doing so, but deep down he had made a commitment to move away from violence. In the end? dauphin came back! Thorfinn moves back into action with all his strength and will, but this time he is driven not by rage and hatred, but by altruism and an understanding of the weak in need.

final verdict

This episode can be said to be the near climax of this “Gadar branch”, and the chapter of this branch will also end in the next episode, entering the final chapter of this article. And so far, this side story has been handled extremely well and could turn out to be some of the best episodes and moments of the season.

Vinland Season 2 Episode 16
Askeladd questions Thorfinn’s decision

The pacing is smooth, the dialogue is great, and the tense moments in almost every episode since episode 13 are brilliant and impactful. MAPPA Always topping itself on a weekly basis, this week the bar of quality is even higher as the 16-episode adaptation is at its best and the story itself is at its peak.

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