Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 20 Review

Vinland legend s2 20a
One-sided battle at Ketil Farm

The highs and lows of the story come at the climax of the battle at Ketil’s farm and as Arnheid bids her friends goodbye as she draws her last breath and is reunited with her family in the afterlife.

The Unbalanced Battle Is Over

As previously mentioned in a previous review, the battle at Ketil Farm was pretty one-sided, yes Ketil and his men. More like a massacre than an actual war between the two conflicting parties, the episode points out the irony of Ketir’s men having to retreat in fear and despair while their boss finally realizes his No longer the best in his land.

Legend of Vinland s2 20 b 1
Thorgil attacks King Canute and his men

Although Togil It seems that he almost overturned the table with a sneak attack and super strength, but in the end he was outnumbered and injured. Ketil barely survived, and many of his men fell to the ground dead. This moment really underscores how the “dynasty” was in decline, and the power and influence of King Canute’s royal army was unrivaled in Denmark.

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rest in peace dear arnheide

We all knew it was coming, but maybe not everyone was ready for the heartbreaking final breath Anaheim She condemns war and slavery in the world, preferring death to finally achieve eternal peace with her family.How angry and frustrated to see Torfin trying to keep her alive at the last minute Einar arguably the heaviest emotional part of the story the whole season.

Vinland legend s2 20 c
arnheide’s last breath

Thorfinn’s last resort

Seeing Arnheide’s body and grave, he expressed his dream again, which was to go to Vinland.But this time he will try with king canute about the current situation. Just because Ketil’s men retreated and Canute was wounded didn’t mean the war was completely over.

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Vinland legend s2 20d
Thorfin’s plan to meet King Canute

Expropriation still threatens Ketil’s farm, and it gets worse because Ketil can no longer defend his land. In the end, our protagonist decides to stand up for what he believes in and stand up for peace and pacifism in this land.He can no longer see blood and corpses, so dauphin Bringing out his last card as a true warrior, not approaching things with violence but with kindness and emotion.

final verdict

This episode is arguably another great part the series,again, MAPPA Provides one hell of a wonderful adaptation. The voice actors shine through in this emotionally charged series, and the rhythm and story of every moment can be felt completely and truly, whether it’s the fear of Ketil’s men, the horror of Knut’s army, Ketier Despair, or blazing ambition The gratitude of Thorgil, the gratitude of Arnheid, and the sorrow of Thorfinn and Einar.

Vinland legend s2 20 e
Einar and Thorfin mourn at Arnheide’s grave

We are in the first half of the climax of the arc, and MAPPA has executed everything flawlessly so far.


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