Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 24 Review

Leif laughs at nervous Thorfinn

The season finale brought Thorfinn home to reunite with his lost family in Iceland. There isn’t much going on in this episode, other than seeing Thorfin feel at home again and fully prepared to embark on a new journey with Einar.

he is at home

Pretty sure one question probably slips into the mind of everyone who follows the Vinland saga dauphin Will forever go home to see his family again, and the final episode Season 2 finally gave the answer with his return Iceland More than ten years later.

Vinland legend s2 24 b
Irva kicks Torfin

I’m a little excited to see his performance sister ilva Years ago, she seemed to be coping with the loss of her father and brother by believing that the man standing before him wasn’t the real Thorfinn, now that he was dead. While it’s shown in a very comedic way, Irva really misses her lost brother deep down, and when he finally shows up, she can’t express it right away.

On the other hand, another touching moment happens again, as we see, telling how much a mother loves her child Thorfin’s mother Helga Despite his disheveled appearance, he easily recognized his son’s face.Helga immediately recalled Thor her late husband Thorfinn is very much like him.

Vinland legend s2 24 c
Helga reunites with Thorfinn

burden of sin

Back home, enjoying the warmth of his family, Thorfinn finally tells everything that happened to him since the day he lost his father, joining the Askeladeband, sold king canute, and finally became a slave for many years. He opens up about his past mistakes and sins, and it shows us how important self-acceptance is to being reborn as a new person with a whole new dream.

Vinland legend s2 24 d
Torfin tells his living family about his past

Vinland Dream

And that dream was to build a peaceful island in Vinland.As he mentioned to Arnheid and as he spoke to Canute, Thorfinn was sure of a new ambition in his life, and that was to build his version of Paradise, free from war and slavery, and Einar and leif Who wants to help him. So, the new Thorfin is about to start his new mission!

Vinland legend s2 24 e
Shaved Thorfinn is ready to realize his vision

final verdict

Rather than an all-out blockbuster or a frenzied action flick full of twists and surprises, the season finale simply told the story of a lost son who returns home to the brutality of the world. It fits with the whole idea of ​​Thorfinn being reborn, because he has to go back to where he came from and where he belongs, his home, where he and his father used to be together, and now realize there’s a peaceful land waiting for him.

Vinland legend s2 24 f
Thorfinn finally sees his father’s dream

There’s no better way to end the saga of Thorfinn’s life, it’s focused on sin and redemption, and with new ambitions in Thorfinn’s life, we’ll look forward to how the anime adaptation will continue as a true “The Legend of Vinland“just began!

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