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Hugh Edwards Leaked Photos and Photos: BBC presenter Huw Edwards has been named after he allegedly paid a teenager more than £35,000 for explicit photos. Edwards’ wife, Vickie Flinder, issued a statement on his behalf, revealing that Edwards is currently hospitalized with serious mental health issues. She asked for the family’s privacy and mentioned that Edwards intends to respond to the allegations once he recovers. The BBC initially reported Edwards had resigned, but later clarified that he had not resigned.

Scotland Yard said it had no information to suggest a criminal offense had taken place. Following this news, the BBC confirmed they would resume fact-finding, while also stressing their duty of care to all involved.

The BBC later revealed that Edwards also faced further allegations of misconduct against colleagues at the BBC. Edwards is a well-known newscaster with a current salary of over £430,000. He has hosted the BBC Ten news program several times since the allegations were reported in May.

Edwards, dubbed a “household name”, has been accused of giving a young man large sums of money, according to The Sun. The alleged explicit image requests reportedly began in 2020 when the individual was 17 years old. Edwards, now 20, was allegedly wearing only his underwear during the video call with him.

The youngster’s mother expressed shock when the child showed her a screenshot showing Edwards was preparing to have the child perform for him. The BBC has suspended Edwards and said it takes all allegations seriously and maintains robust internal processes to resolve such matters.

The youngster’s family contacted The Sun a month after they lodged their complaint, frustrated that Edwards continued to appear on the show.

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