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He is a famous German rapper and actor who has been active in the music scene for many years.But recently, leaked Sinan G video It went viral on social media, prompting heated discussions about his scandal. After watching this video, people can’t help but say his disgusting words.

It’s no secret that rapper G has put out a lot of critically acclaimed music. A leaked video of Sinan G sparked a lot of interest and people asked online. The leaked video is mostly trending on Twitter and Reddit, so even if you’re here to learn more about the video, keep reading until the end.

Who is Sinan G?

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Simon G is a popular rapper. He was born in Germany on September 1, 1987. During his career, he released albums such as I Am Jesse James and Protect the Money. In addition, he worked on “Gangster Paradise” and “Whether You Like It or Not.”

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Name Simon G
Nick name Simon G
date of birth September 1, 1987
age 43 years old
place of birth not applicable
Chinese zodiac not applicable
Profession Rapper
Country of Citizenship Indian

He has collaborated with many famous artists besides Olli Banjo, Bushido and Massiv Sinan G. A video of the rapper is currently going viral on social media, putting him in the spotlight. Everything is explained in detail below.

Sinan G Video Scandal

Recently, Sinan G made headlines on Twitter and Reddit when a private video was leaked.

News that the rapper’s name was linked to the video was widely circulated on multiple social media platforms.

This isn’t the first time G has been the subject of gossip. In addition, it was reported that Sinan G performed adult acts in the video released in 2022 last year.

The activities reportedly took place over the phone and the person he spoke to was a child. As a result, social media users harshly criticized the rapper. But the criticism didn’t affect him, and he repeated the disgusting behavior a year later.

How did the public react to the viral video?

Some claimed that G was involved in something explicit, while others claimed that Sinan’s Facetime video triggered his involvement.

The leaked video of Sinan G has been used by some illegitimate Twitter accounts to spread misleading information about his character.

The rapper has entered into controversy due to the Sinan G incident. However, as mentioned earlier, Sinan G has not informed the media about this, so everyone is waiting for his reaction.

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In 2009, rapper Sinan-G released his debut album “I’m Jesse James”, which achieved great success in the music industry. More than 130,000 people follow his Instagram account sinang45. As we all know, Sinan is a rapper. As of 2023, Sinan G is 43 years old and is a member of the famous Rapper list.

watch Sinan G video

However, most reports point to G’s facetime or private videos being shared on multiple social media platforms. In addition, there are some fraudulent videos on the Internet. So it is recommended not to trust all websites. If you are still interested in knowing if the dispute is true, click on the link below.

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