We Must Salute Sugar Daddies, They’ve Created An Industry (Video)

Nigerian radio host and comedian Nedu Wazobia described sugar daddy as a separate industry that should be appreciated.

The media person said that many resorts abroad would not have guests if there were no men sponsoring the girls on vacation.

Nedu expressed this on an episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, adding that every girl wants to live the baby girl lifestyle.

He prayed for sugar daddy men, noting that they deserve a shout out because they make the world go round.

Nedu said; “Every girl wants the baby girl lifestyle. We have to give a shout out to a lot of sugar daddies. God bless every sugar daddy out there because sugar daddies are a separate industry.

“Not having sugar daddy is why some resorts have customers, in Zanzibar and all of these places.”

Watch the video below:

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