What Content is Popular with Gen Z in India

A generation born and grown up in the digital era, around 472M population, Gen Z has the highest ratio in the world. If we see the fact, an average Gen Z’er spends roughly 6 hours on their smartphone.

Gen Z engaged in original, zestful, stress-free, multicultural, and multilingual content in India. A generation that consumes social media and digital platforms on a daily basis, such as live streaming, podcasts, online games, and reality-based filter, is popular among this generation.

According to research, in their leisure time, Gen Z is more addicted to bingeing on streaming content than millennials. This generation definitely has more quirky entertainment preferences than other generations.

Undoubtedly, comedy, thriller, and action-based genres are popular among them. As for watching engaging entertainment content, platforms like Hulu provide a better way to lay your hands on a massive collection of video content based on entertainment and education.

You can access a wide range of selected TV shows, movies, and documentaries on Hulu, as it is one of the most favorable content providers for audiences worldwide. Technological innovation makes it easy and possible to watch Hulu in India.

In this blog, we will see the various form of content that is famous among Gen Z in India and how they reach out to leverage this audience.

1. Short Video Content

In India, Gen Z is tremendously fond of short-form video content, mainly due to the rise of TikTok. This app significantly impacts this generation in India, with the massive strength of youngsters spending hours streaming and making videos.

And for this reason, we can also see rising young actors and actresses coming from this platform. And with this action, other developers that specialize in short video content get famous in India.

Short video content includes platforms like YouTube Shorts and Reels on Instagram, which usually offer the same features as TikTok. Companies focus on providing appealing videos that serve Gen Z interests and successfully promote their brand.

2. Influencer Marketing

Another form of entertainment trending in India among Gen Z is becoming Influencer or Influencer Marketing. Influencers are primarily known for promoting various brands, services, and products while collaborating with them, and Gen Z follows them earnestly.

Besides partnering with a big fan following Influencers among Gen Z, companies can effectively promote their brand to this audience.

Whereas, Influencers commonly update their feed on social media platforms by posting content, and partnering with different companies helps them reach their goal of remaining on the list of Gen Z demographics.

3. Podcasts

If you ask Gen Z about radio, they will tell you something new related to radio but with advanced features like podcast and audio content. This generation is addicted to listening to podcasts and other audio entertainment.

There are several podcast platforms available in India, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Ganna. These podcasts offer various channels for children’s and educational purposes, from comedy to horror.

Therefore, companies took advantage of podcasters who have huge followings to team up with them so that they can promote their services and products. Whereas audio content is no different than podcasts, it is also an influencing tool to give information to listeners on complicated matters.

4. Social Media

As mentioned, social media is a rising platform among Gen Z in India. With several social media platforms access, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, developers can attract these platforms to connect and create conversations for Gen Z demographics.

Social media is advancing in different aspects over time as it allows to make engaging and interactive content that vibe with Gen Z.

5. Environmental conversation

As we know that India is ranked as a highly literate country. So many generations have come and gone, and still, Indians are very protective towards their country’s different issues. Likewise, Gen Z in India is also highly concerned and conscious about environmental conversation, which makes them a good way for brands to connect with this generation.

Companies that hold answerable business practices and boost sustainability are more likely to attract the favors of Gen Z in India. Companies that take an active part in social issues are the ones who get high benefits because they are more likely to resonate with the Gen Z generation.


In conclusion, India is a fast-pacing country; its generation is adapting to Westernization along with its culture and tradition, dominating Entertainment Industry.

Gen Z in India is a censorious demographic for major businesses, and learning the forms of content related to them is crucial. Developers that make video content become partners with influencers on social media and create informative audio clips.

Actively interacting with the audience on social media, and promoting reliable business practices, will be good places to jump into the preferences and interests of Gen Z in India.

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