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What Is His Twitter Account? Check Details On Diagnosis, Age, Nationality, Twitch and More Now!

Kyedae Cancer Reddit Article contains all updates from social media star Shymko who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Do Younger People Survive Better From Acute Myeloid Leukemia? Cancer patient survival is being discussed on social media after a tweet by Kyedae revealed she had been dragonized by AML.The news saddened the internet community as U.S. and Canada shared their feelings about Twitch stars.

The Valorant streamer and four other internet personalities have been nominated for the 2023 Best Valorant Streamer award. Kyedae Cancer Reddit There is the latest update on AMD detection and treatment by YouTuber Shymko.


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Kyedae was diagnosed with leukemia:

The Valorant community on Reddit had a thread on Shymko titled “Kyedae diagnosed with leukemia,” which shared the Valorant star’s post. Kyedae revealed, “She has been diagnosed with cancer and will start treatment soon.” Shymko also added that her stream may not be consistent because she is not sure about the effect of treatment on her body.

The discovery shocked netizens, who flooded the internet with messages of support and encouragement for her.

Kyedae Shymko Country of Citizenship and other details:

Name Kyedae Shymko
Nick name Ji Da
date of birth 1Yingshi December 2001
place of birth Canada
Profession Game streamer and social media personality
parents unknown
brother a sister
School unknown
University University of British Columbia
religion Christianity
Hobby travel
marital status unmarried
Boy friend Tenz
high 5 feet 9 inches
weight 54 kg

What is Acute Myeloid Leukemia?

AML is a blood cancer that affects a patient’s bone marrow and blood cells. White blood cell counts are affected in people with AML, and their ability to fight off any infection is reduced.patient age It is considered an important factor in the treatment of myelogenous leukemia.

Abnormal bone marrow cells overgrow and remain immature, leading to an increase in underdeveloped cells in the blood. Fatigue, weakness, fever, and bleeding are prominent symptoms of AML.

Will Kyedae be at the event scheduled for 2023?

Kyedae plans to appear as a key guest at Conquest Festival 2023 Filipino From June 2nd to 4th. twitch Star visited the country last year with musicians and other social media personalities and enjoyed the local culture. News of her cancer treatment has raised questions about her participation in the event.

The star returned from a recent trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil after supporting boyfriend Tenz and his team.Some reports on social media suggest that Kyedae got engaged to Tenz on the 17thday August 2022.

Social Media Response to AML diagnosis and treat:

The Reddit thread on LivestreamFail has a discussion related to her treatment. The health community believes that younger patients with AML have a greater chance of survival than older patients. The post with 812 comments discussed the survival rates of AMD patients, as many consider it an aggressive cancer.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

Internet community support YouTube star Kyedae plays her battle AML enters the treatment phase. Do Young People Treated for AML Have a Greater Chance of Survival?please give your opinion

Kyedae Cancer Reddit: common problem

Q.1 How many members does Kyedae have on her Discord platform?

Kyedae has 40,000 members on her Discord platform.

Q.2 What is the name of Kyedae’s older sister?

Kyedae’s younger sister is named Sakura.

Q.3 What are the main treatments for AML?

Chemotherapy, followed by drug therapy, is the mainstay of treatment for AML.

Q.4 Which e-sports company is Kyedae the content creator for?

Shymko creates content for esports company 100 Thieves.

Q.5 What are the keywords related to Kyedae Twitter?

Keywords like #Kyedae, #tenz, #100thieves and #Valorant are trending on social media sites.

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