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Four teenagers were killed in a severe crash in the northwestern suburb of Wheeling on Tuesday night. At least three vehicles were involved in an accident on Dundee and Schoenbeck Roads about 10.19pm.

The aftermath of the collision claimed the lives of four teenagers, aged 16 to 18, according to Wheeling police. Three other victims were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. The dead were identified as Jesus Rodriguez, 16, Rich Barcenas, 17, Richard De Ita, 18, Kevin R. Hernandez-Terre, 17. Lan and Hernandez-Tran. They were both traveling in a Ford Explorer.

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A severe multi-vehicle crash that claimed the lives of four Buffalo Grove High School students in suburban northwest Chicago was witnessed by the sister of one of the victims. Her brother was one of the four victims. Angelina Gomez, sister of Jesus Rodriguez, who was killed in the collision, claimed I was behind them.

According to Wheeling Police Department, three vehicles were involved in a major traffic accident involving three vehicles at 10.19pm on a pedestrian crossing on Dundee and Schoenbeck Roads. According to authorities, seven people were injured from related incidents. He was rescued in the vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital.

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According to the authorities, preliminary findings indicated that speed and avoidance of traffic lights were the main causes of the collision. Gomez recalls that Richard believed he could run a red light. As he accelerated, another car came oncoming, hit the rear of the car and spun, crashed into another car, and caused Richard’s car’s gearbox to explode before it hit the lamppost, and the lights went out .

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The statement was made by Rodriguez’s sister Angie in car accident.

The family said the teens were returning home after an evening out when they spoke at their Wheeling home. Angie Rodriguez sat in the car behind them with a shotgun. They stopped at her workplace, she claims.

The gearbox exploded and she fled. She printed it out after leaving my car, calling his name as she walked. An Qi said that it was dark, so she could not get a response. She ended up in the wrong car. She struggled to find him. But she could see the car was destroyed. In the trunk of the car, she saw his friends.this car accident It was so bad that it took the lives of the youngest four students and seriously injured the fifth.

Family members reported that Barcenas, an honors junior with a 3.9 GPA, died in the accident. He played football for Buffalo Grove to earn money while he was studying engineering in college. Tragically, the main occupants of the car, four teenagers aged between 16 and 18, lost their lives on Wednesday. Four Buffalo Grove High School students were confirmed dead and one student remains hospitalized, Dist reported. car accident.

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Police may contact anyone with inquiries about the collision at 847-459-2632, Wheeling Police Department. No further details will be released out of respect for those involved and to allow the investigation to continue.

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car accident-common problem-

Q.1 Where did the accident happen?

answer- On Dundee and Schoenbeck roads.

Q.2 When did it happen?

answer- Around 10pm.

Q.3 How many vehicles were involved in the accident?

answer- three cars.

Q.4 How many students died in the accident?

answer- Four.

Q.5 Which school do they study in?

Answer– Buffalo Grove High School.

Q.6 Is this news shared on social media?

and- Yes.

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