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What This Website Deals With? Check Details Now! March 9, 2023

If you want to use it, you can read below about App will help you to get accurate details about it.

Have you heard of this kind of website that makes driving more exciting while listening to music? Do you know This is a website that provides a driving and listening platform through a virtual world.

So, readers want to know this site is famous U.S. and India. In the next articles, we will examine how it works and verify its authenticity.


Disclaimer – This article contains real details of this popular app and will educate our readers in the right way.

About the app-

This is a fun app that offers driving from home. Using the app, you can virtually drive through more than 50 cities while listening to local radio and passing street sounds in real time. It’s similar to Google Street View in virtual reality, except you can move around without clicking.

Music is also present. Ensuring that the digital world closely resembles the real world is a key strategy for generating VR experiences.

how to use

You have to follow this steps to use it –

  • First, open the app and select your destination city.
  • Now you can change the speed of the car.
  • After placing the radio and street sounds.
  • Start your journey now.

Both range and object must use the correct dimensions and dimensions. small volume. Not far from here. You initially see short constant pulses on a black and white TV. When you see a widescreen picture of a street somewhere, the video starts to scroll. This seems to indicate that someone switched channels.

who developed it

This app was developed by Erkam Eker, a Turkish graduate student. Pandemic-induced longing inspired the app as he listened to the radio while driving in Istanbul.

In his statement to Lonely Planet, he mentioned that while driving, he realized that the rest of the world must have lacked the same experience as on the road. It’s not quite real, but it feels as real as you remember it. This is a virtual experience of driving in many cities. Allows the user to select a station and turn on or off external noise such as vehicles, crosswalks, traffic and horns, as well as the station itself. Even the motion of the virtual car can be controlled in terms of speed.

It offers virtual tours of around 40 cities, including Paris, Havana, Berlin, New York, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and more. These trips were made with the co-pilot listening to a regional radio station in the driver’s seat. The app controls vehicles on streets around the world, making it an ideal virtual vacation spot.

what people say

We found positive reviews for it, and users love it. This app has got very good reviews among users. Instagram has a page where people post their opinions.

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add up –

This is Great for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle The hustle and bustle of city life, but no time to travel. All you need to do is sign up, browse the app and listen to the music.

Do you want to use it? Please give your opinion. Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1 When was this app launched?

answer- May 2020.

Q.2 Who created it?

answer- Erkam Şeker.

Q.3 Where to download from?

answer- Google play store.

4 Is Drive and Listen free?

answer- The application is free.

Q.5 Is Drive and Listen real?

answer- Yes.

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