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Where Did You See Money? – Reactions As Man Queries Girlfriend Who Bought iPhone For Herself (Video) » Ngnews247

A man has angrily confronted his girlfriend after she bought a brand new iPhone XS Max and gold earrings.

He asks her where the money came from because he suspects she got it from another person, or possibly stole it from him.

In a video circulating online, he can be seen showing her the phone and asking how she can afford the expensive device.

When she defended herself by speaking out about the donation, he then attacked her in the face of friends who begged him to stop.

Watch the video:

Reaction, elkanemi_05 said; Awon osinwin, they didn’t separate them, they were recording video and yelling ola stop nah

__Lincoln; You better call it Ola finish, I wonder na Ola cashy, Ola btc, Ola Benz Abi Ola muller. Abeg let me know 😂

Mikiniz; my guy, go for it and do the same to me…success as a man is the best revenge. There is no Dai Tuoren’s daughter. If she chooses the hookup method and leaves her alone, she just wants to survive.go do it yourself


vicky_columba; the one we think Dey is happy to say she didn’t ask him for money 😀😀😀

badboisince1972; You should never marry her, they question her! Hey, she is not suitable to buy a mobile phone nii by herself?

Human Rights Activist_; I believe this man has been paying most of the bills for her, doing every little thing for her, that’s why he’s so sure she can’t afford it… as a lady, when you take from your man It’s fine to go, but sometimes just make sure you have something to let your man know you can afford certain things too.. just to avoid things like this..

nova_oj; I believe he gave everything for her because how can he be sure she can’t afford these things. Find something to do like a lady and don’t make your man do anything to avoid this crap. It’s also stupid for the guy to beat up the lady. Can’t they break up if there’s a problem with trust?

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