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This article provides information about miami lake murder suicide events, and tell readers about the facts of the investigation.

Do you want to know what happened to Miami Lakes and why everyone is talking about murder suicides?this U.S. Readers and other users want to know about people killed by suicide in Miami Lakes.

if you want to know about miami lake murder suicide And to check the updated facts, read the article till the end.


What happened to Miami Lakes?

The bodies of five people were found at the scene of the crime, all of whom were shot dead. The bodies were discovered by police on Friday morning when a relative of one of the deceased called police after being unable to contact the deceased.

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The location of the incident was a family in the 14800 block of Northwest 87 Garden. After the body was found, multiple police cars rushed to the scene to investigate the truth.

Police said five bodies were found at the home, two men and three women. Police found gunshot wounds on them, proving it was a murder. However, the identity of some of the bodies remains unknown.

Why is this case considered a suicide?

After reviewing the police investigation Miami Lakes Motor City In this case, an adult was seen coming and killing four other people. After killing four members, the individual, both woman and man, committed suicide.

That is why the police are also treating the case as a suicide.This case shocked everyone, especially people in China U.S.. Everyone wants to know why the event happened and who is the culprit of the behavior.

Were the identities of the victims made public?

Not everyone will be identified, as police were only able to identify about two people. However, the family of one victim has come forward, Rolando Aguilar. He said his ex-wife Joanka and son Dhani were killed in the murder-suicide.

the police are investigating the Miami Lakes Theater And the nearby crime area to discover every clue related to the case.

Any updates on the case?

No investigation report has yet been released and police are working to gather information about the victim. According to neighbors, one of the victims had recently been transferred from Cuba to the United States.

Neighbors came forward to inspect the scene, but they were not ready to speak to police. The police told the news reporter that they are working hard to verify every fact related to the case and pursue every lead. Miami Lakes Restaurants and elsewhere.

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final words

this massacre murder The police are investigating and hope that the authorities will solve the case as soon as possible.

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Miami Lakes Murder-Suicide– common problem

1: Where did the murder-suicide happen?

A: It happened in South Florida.

2: How many people were killed in the incident?

Answer: 5 people

3: Did the police get any clues?

A: The police have not received any investigation clues yet.

4: Who called the police?

A: A relative of the victim called the police at 9:52 am.

5: How old are Yohanka and Dhany Aguilar?

A: Yohanka Aguilar is 54 years old and Dhany Aguilar is 34 years old.

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