Who is Alex Dolorosa? Bacolod City Paralegal Officer Cause of Death Explained

Alex Dolorosa, a paralegal with the BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) in Bacolod City, was reportedly found dead. He was found to have suffered multiple stab wounds. Furthermore, he was said to have been missing for three days prior to this.

What happened to Alex Dolorosa?

MANILA, Philippines – A progressive business process outsourcing (BPO) staff organizer in the Visayas has been found stabbed to death after going missing for three days.

BPO Industry Employee Network Statement
Here’s what the BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) Filipino group shared about the fate of its member, Alex Dolorosa.

“We have received reports that Alex Dolorosa, our paralegal in Bacolod City, was found with multiple stab wounds yesterday,” BIEN said in a statement on Tuesday. said in.

“He was reported missing for three days and local reports confirmed that he was killed in Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City.”

“We detest and condemn this attack on union organizers and the state of impunity and lawlessness in the country,” said Ayon Sa Grupo.

The group is still awaiting more details on the crime at their local village in Bacolod.

Statement by Anakbayan political organization on the death of Alex Dolorosa

Anakbayan strongly condemned this as a direct attack on employees who stood up for their rights. Given that a large portion of the BPO industry’s workforce is made up of young people who must sacrifice their dreams to survive, we find this deeply offensive.

The Philippine BPO industry, despite its high productivity and predominantly young workforce, rarely caters for household necessities. There is currently a ‘race to the bottom’ when it comes to compensation for BPO employees.

The average monthly salary of P18,000 is currently insufficient to cover the cost of living in a country where unemployment and rising prices are disrupting the economy.

This incident further demonstrates the need for workers to unite in support and join youth in collective action as 1 May or International Labor Day approaches.

Only the collective power of working people can stop such incidents from happening again, as oppressive working conditions and violence enforced by the state on behalf of BPO company owners seeking to maximize profits must be opposed.

demand an immediate investigation

We call for an immediate investigation into Dolorosa’s death, which we believe is linked to his continued dedication to the public and his BPO colleagues.

The workers he assisted in the legal field will always remember his contribution to the struggle of working people for better working conditions and the right to organize.

We share the same commitment as Dolorosa. We therefore urge the Marcos Duterte administration to finally heed the demands of his supporters, which he often ignores.

Marcos must immediately issue an executive order to put the P750 wage increase into effect. On May 1, he must stand in front of workers and young people instead of going to the United States to cooperate with Biden and take advantage of the abundant cheap labor and cheap resources in the Philippines.

Alex Dolorosa cause of death

The man who was found dead in Barangay Alijis yesterday has been identified. He is Alex Dolorosa, a call center agent who lives in the city of Cadiz. The motive for the killing is still under investigation.

When Police Station 7 Commander Captain Edward Bolivar interviewed them, the victim was positively recognized by his colleagues. Bolivar claimed that while their investigation is still ongoing, there are currently no individuals connected to the case.

statement from the victim’s partner

According to the victim’s partner that Aj knew, they were pure members of the LGBTQ group and had been with the victim for more than two years. He admitted that he was a kind person.

Listen to AJ, Dolorosa’s crush of two years, who last spoke at around 11:00 on Sunday night when it was reported that he had passed away in the cafeteria of the New Government Center.

When asked what their last conversation was, AJ: “He ate at NGC, and he ate two servings of rice. In the end, I said ‘well, let me go to bed, because I’ll be at 4am on Monday. Wake up ’cause I still have to learn’.”

After this, I can’t reach you anymore, Dolorosa no longer responds to chats and messages. Hearing from AJ, he wasn’t nervous because he thought Dolorosa was just sleeping.

On Monday night, AJ woke up to the news that a man had been infected. They reached Station Seven early on and took them to the Underworld, where it was confirmed that the body was actually Dolorosa.

AJ states that Dolorosa is not a moth and will keep it. They don’t know whether they are against or have enemies. “He really wants you, no harm, understanding…listen to AJ. They just rolled around and AJ got to where he had this huge lump on his neck and head and stomach.

Apang, AJ doesn’t know why he was built in a hut near the camp where the house is being replaced by Brgy. Taloc, Sang Bago City, Negros Occidental.

Justice for Alex Dolorosa!

Statement Regarding the Murder of Alex Dolorosa

The BPO Industry Employees Network expresses its strongest disgust and condemnation of the treacherous murder of Alex Dolorosa! Alex is a paralegal and union organizer for the Bacolod Chapter of BIEN Philippines. He was also a member of the National Committee of BIEN and played an important role in the building of the BIEN Bacolod chapter.

The manner of his murder reflects the state of lawlessness and the never-ending culture of impunity in the country. Knowing that he is currently working as a paralegal with BPO workers, the motive for his death cannot simply be hidden for personal reasons. As a union organizer, it would be very callous to underestimate his motives for murder.

Lawlessness is bad for businesses in the country. Whenever we commute at night, our safety as BPO workers is always at risk. Alex’s murder only underscores the risks, while the government remains blind and deaf to our working conditions.

This is on top of the pervasive red labeling and slander by state power. Two of our Nation members faced trumped-up charges, and our organizers and members continued to face harassment and threats on social media.

We just want to unionize in the BPO industry – the government doesn’t seem to want us to do that. BIEN Philippines asks the government to ensure the safety, security and protection of all BPO employees. Justice for Alex! Stop attacks on union organizers!

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