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Dame Edna Everage, often shortened to Dame Edna, is a character created and performed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries, known for her lavender (“wisteria-hued”) hair and cat-eye glasses (“facial furniture”); her favorite flower , gladiolus (“gladdies”); and her boisterous greeting “Hello, possum!”

Australian comedian Barry Humphreys has died at the age of 89.

lady edna cause of death

Australian entertainer Barry Humphries has died aged 89.

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The star has been in hospital in Sydney following complications from hip surgery in March. He fell in February.

lady edna biography

As Lady Edna, Humphreys wrote several books, including the autobiography My Magnificent Life; appeared in several films; and hosted several television shows (Humphreys also featured himself and other characters Appear).

Humphries regularly updates Edna. Beginning as a drab Melbourne housewife satirizing the Australian suburbs, the character grew in stature and popularity after a show in London in the 1960s, adopting increasingly eccentric wardrobes.

Edna is known for her eccentric glasses. Humphreys claims they were inspired by the glasses worn by Melbourne eccentric, beautician, broadcaster, actress and dancer Stephanie Deste, as well as many other aspects of Lady Edna’s personality.

With the advent of movies and dame status in the 1970s, the role evolved into “Housewife and Superstar,” then “Superstar,” and finally “Superstar.” Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Lady Edna became increasingly known in North America after numerous stage and television appearances.

Edna describes her chat shows as “an intimate conversation between two friends, one of whom is much more interesting than the other”. The character was used to satirize celebrity worship, class snobbery, and prudence, and Humphreys often used the character to poke fun at the political leaders and fashions of the day.Her bubbly personality and sharp commentary on society and celebrity, as well as her habit of treating celebrities like ordinary people (in her TV shows) and ordinary people like celebrities (in her stage plays) have become her trademark

Edna referred to Humphreys as her “entrepreneur” or manager, although Humphreys bluntly stated that Edna was the character he played. Humphreys and his team of assistants and writers referred to Edna only as “she” and “she,” never confusing the character with Humphreys.

In March 2012, Humphreys announced that the character would be retiring after the current tour, but later in 2013, he decided to bring her back. Humphries, who died in April 2023, played Edna for more than 60 years.

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