Who is DJ Ian Bell? Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Family

Who is DJ ian bell? Cause of death, biography, age, occupation, family – Australian DJ and music writer Ian Bell has died.

What happened to Australian DJ Ian Bell?

Australian DJ and music writer Ian Bell has died days before heading to the UK for the Eurovision Song Contest. The 60-year-old was reportedly on vacation with his family in Paris when the heart attack occurred.

According to Adelaide publication The Advertiser, the DJ is understood to have died on May 2 when his family was in Paris on the first leg of a trip that was supposed to wrap up their trip to Liverpool next week. the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ian Bell’s death has been confirmed by friends of Ian Bell via his social media pages

“Ian Bell, a man I had a crush on, passed away unexpectedly. I was completely devastated. From the moment I first met him, DJing at a club in Adelaide, we established a special The connection, the great distance between our cities cannot be broken.

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Together we wrote and performed a full comedy festival program. We went out of our way to get into each other’s lives. We always live in each other’s houses at festivals or when the band travels. We laughed a million times, he told me all his great stories a million times, we DJed together a million times. However, this is not enough.

Every celebrity you think of has met Ian, and he has a story about them. If they weren’t nice when Ian tried to get them to sign a 7″ press of their first obscure single, I knew they were no good. In short, Ian was one of the best and I will miss him dearly and forever.

ian bell cause of death

Ian Bell died of a heart attack in Paris while on holiday with his family and en route to a singing competition in the UK. The news of his death has just come out, the specific cause of death will not be known.

According to sources from him, he is survived by his wife Jordan, as well as their daughter Ruby and his sisters Susan and Janet. Friends and family are still in shock and still can’t process the news. A friend of his mentioned,

I am still processing this very sad news. I have a DJ Ian type hole in my heart. Friends for many years! I will miss you. Love and support for Jordie and Ruby from the LeRox family. Will Ian Bell.

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Ian Bell – Extraordinary to People and Artists
Ian is exceptionally good with people and artists. He makes every artist feel special. There are no fans like Ian. Yes, he’ll meet Rod Stewart/whomever at the stage door, but he’ll also celebrate the drummer by hailing his first teenage garage band, which no one else has ever heard of. Ian’s support doesn’t even need to be adjacent to the big stars, if they don’t take the time, he sees everyone perform and makes custom merchandise for the little artists himself. He made everyone feel loved and supported.
He is also a record store owner, concert writer and photographer, and has worked and performed at Adelaide’s Big Day Out Festival for many years. Including Limbo in the 1980s and Heaven and his Pop! An evening on Gouger Street in the 1990s.

DJ IAN – he plays pop music

DJ Ian has hosted many events and shows. He plays pop music. Here’s a glimpse of his social media posts from October 2020. Just next Friday night (November 18th) some of his compositions will be playing some over the top, pop tunes at Mr. McClelland’s Finishing School, my favorite club in the universe. The way Fancy Pants McClelland scissor kicks on the dance floor at The Sands in Las Vegas (or somewhere similar) could dance in a storm and scare the locals.

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