Who is Linda Gurney? Pianist & Clarinetist Passed Away

Musician Linda Gurney (née Severs) passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

How did Linda Gurney die?

Freelance pianist and clarinetist Linda Gurney passed away on May 4, 2023. Her children posted the following statement on social media announcing the sad news.

Olivia, Chris and Andrew released the news of her death: “On Thursday 4th May our dear mother Linda Gurney passed away peacefully in her sleep. We are so grateful for the outpourings of love, support, sweet memories , thoughts and prayers. We will provide an update as a memorial service is arranged.”

Her other daughter, Andrew Gurney, tweeted about her mother’s death, saying:

“Hi everyone. It was really hard to write this but my mom Linda Gurney passed away peacefully yesterday (May 4th). It still doesn’t make sense for me to post like this. My mom is The kindest woman who has formed meaningful relationships with so many people, not only because of her amazing musical talent, but because of her many other interests and passions.”

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“I am so grateful to her for having such an incredible mother. We are so close and what we went through losing my dad so long ago has made our bond even stronger. Every visit and conversation we have carries so much weight, but also filled with so many laughs. I could say more. I love her so much.”

“My siblings Chris, Olivia and I are still trying to put things together so there are no firm arrangements as of now but I will post more information about it which will come out as soon as possible.”

Who is Linda Gurney?

Linda Gurney is a renowned pianist and clarinetist. She is a well-known musician in St. Louis and a graduate of Washington University.

Linda was the beloved spouse of the late Edward William Gurney. She was the dear daughter of the late Edward and Mara (née Salcedo) Severs. Gurney was the loving mother of Andrew Gurney, Olivia (Thomas) Fischer and Christopher (Chelsea) Sell.

Linda is a music educator, musician and big band conductor. She is a supporter of Dave Dickey Big Band. She has twice been a guest director at two different St Louis Low Brass Collective concerts.

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Linda Gurney cause of death

Linda Gurney passed away peacefully in her sleep, according to her children. The St. Louis Musicians Association also announced the sad news, saying,

We regret to inform our members that member Linda Gurney (Seiferth) passed away on 5/4/23. She was a member of SLSOYO and in 1976 they went on their first European tour. She is co-principal clarinetist.

Linda continued her musical career on clarinet and piano, playing beautiful jazz. She is dedicated to her family, her music and helping others, and loves the Cardinals.

Linda will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Our thoughts are with her family. We’ll try to post when we know the schedule.

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