Who is Neil Jameson? Founder of Citizens UK Passed Away

Neil Jameson, a great legend, social justice advocate, community organizer, democracy advocate and founder of British citizenship, has passed away.

What happened to Neil Jameson?

Neil is a giant with a heart who founded Citizens UK and is a staunch advocate for social justice. His legacy will live on forever, whether through the living wage movement, the fight for more housing rights for ordinary people, or his efforts to change perceptions of refugees by making Britain a welcome home. He turned the course of history and hope in favor of justice and fairness.

Citizens UK confirmed Neil Jameson’s death by releasing the following statement,

british citizen It is with sadness to announce the passing of our founder, Neil Jameson. Our hearts are with his loved ones at this difficult time. He left such a great legacy of British democracy and social justice. Neil often shares this famous quote that is a good one to share today – “It is not hope that generates action, but action that generates hope.

The Muslim community has lost a wonderful legend. On 25 April 2023, Neil Jameson, founder and chief executive of Citizens UK, passed away.

Neil Jameson will be greatly missed by everyone, his successor will be very challenging, and his legacy will undoubtedly be a tribute to his distinctive personality, great character and extraordinary honesty.

Neil Jameson Cause of Death

Neil Jameson’s family had not disclosed his cause of death at the time of publication. However, Neal’s friends and activists have shared some official information about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Educator and community activist Dr. Mohammad Abdul Barry confirmed Neil’s cause of death by issuing the following statement,

Neil Jameson, first and foremost a community organizer, passed away on April 24 from incurable cancer. His death came as a shock to everyone as he hadn’t shown any symptoms until three weeks ago.

Neil is a champion of social justice and an advocate for refugees. As Director of Citizens UK, he has spent the past 3 years championing grassroots democracy for community harmony and social justice. His contributions to the #livingwage movement are priceless.

I have had the privilege of working with Neil on a range of issues, and we have become not only friends but brothers of faith. His passing is a huge loss to civil society in the UK and beyond. Our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones at this difficult time. Neil’s legacy will live on.

Who is Neil Jameson?

Neil Jameson has been Executive Director and Chief Organizer of Citizens UK for the past two decades. He was a key figure in the founding of Citizens UK, a community organizing centre, in 1988.

He established TELCO (East London Civic Organisation) with an initial membership of 47 different civil society organisations, primary schools, faith groups, trade unions and voluntary associations. Neil was the first community organizer to manage in Bristol since 1988 before being invited to move to East London to organize.

In 2018, he was awarded the Albert Medal by the Royal Society of Arts for his outstanding contribution to civil society. Neil has been at the center since launching the community sponsorship campaign in the UK in 2016.

Neil realized that effective community sponsorship requires a coordinated team across businesses and civil society organisations, and when done well, it can be a great experience and rewarding experience for both the sponsor and the sponsored.

His experience shows that, as patronage expands and transforms across the UK, the movement has the potential to dispel any unfavorable myths about immigration and foster friendships between strangers in today’s interconnected world.

In 2017, with the support of the Volant Trust and Trustees, Neil established the Sponsorship of Refugees Foundation for Citizen UK. Until March 2020, he served as Executive Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Neil says: “Community sponsorship has changed my life both personally and publicly. Personally, my wife, family and friends are actively involved in two sponsor groups. My Quaker Meeting officially sponsors the West End Group and has 15 Excellent active volunteers attend the meeting.

Each newly registered sponsor group will help ensure the UK remains a welcoming country. I also welcome the healthy growth of a more diverse group of lead sponsors.

This exciting development will bring privilege and mutual benefit to a growing number of citizens and their communities, welcoming refugee families fleeing war, poverty and the climate crisis to settle into their homes and futures. “

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