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This article provides full details on Pamela Frank Belafonte Age And more details about Harry Belafonte’s death. Follow our article to learn more.

Did you know about the passing of the famous singer Harry Belafonte? Do you know who Harry Belafonte’s wife is? If not, you have just visited the correct article to receive the details you need to know. The death of Harry Belafonte has been widely discussed on online platforms.The news really went viral on the internet U.S.this U.K., Canada and Netherlands.

Today’s article will provide full details on Pamela Frank Belafonte Age And more details about Harry Belafonte’s death. Follow our blog below.

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Death of Harry Belafonte:

famous singer and actor starring harry Belafonte died at the age of 96. The news of Harry Belafonte’s death has been the most discussed topic on online platforms. The news has already surfaced on social platforms.

The death of Harry Belafonte has attracted a lot of attention.The famous singer and actor died on Tuesday 25thday In April 2023, at the age of 96. The news has indeed gone viral on many online platforms.The singer died, leaving behind his wife Pamela Frank Photographer and four children. Reports suggest the famous singer died at home from congestive heart failure. According to sources, the Jamaican-American singer has been married three times. His three wives included Margaret Byrd, Julie Robinson and Pamela Frank. His third wife, Pamela Frank, was present during his death. Representatives of Harry Belafonte confirmed the death of famous singer Harry Belafonte. They got married in 2008. Pamela already has two children from a previous marriage.

News of the death of famed singer Harry Belafonte has gone viral on social media. People took to social platforms to express their condolences and condolences after learning of the tragic news.

how old are you Pamela Frank?

Pamela Frank, wife of famous singer Harry Belafonte. They both got married in 2008. Pamela Frank is a well known photographer. Due to her distance from the media, not much information is available about Pamela Frank. The couple has not made their relationship public. However, Pamela has often been spotted accompanying Harry Belafonte at numerous award shows. Recently, famous singer Harry Belafonte passed away, leaving behind his wife, Pamela Frank, and his four children. His death was confirmed by his representatives. He was 96 years old when he died.although people wonder Pamela Frank Belafonte Age. There is no information about her age. After the news broke, fans were devastated when they learned of his death.

More details on Harry Belafonte:

  • real name: Harold George Bellanfanti Jr.
  • Nick name: Harry Belafonte
  • date of birth: 1Yingshi March 1927
  • place of birth: Manhattan, New York, USA
  • age: 96 years
  • Profession: actor, singer and activist
  • parents: Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. and Melvine
  • educate: george washington high school
  • spouse: Pamela Frank
  • children: 4
  • died of: 25day April 2023
  • Place of death: at his house
  • Country of Citizenship: American
  • net worth: $30 million
  • Years active: 1949-2023
  • Pamela Frank Belafonte Age: unknown

Harry Belafonte Marriage Details:

Pop singer and actor Harry Belafonte has been married three times, according to sources. Harry Belafonte, born 1Yingshi In March 1927, he became famous as a singer.He married Marguerite Byrd for the first time at the age of 18day In June 1948, Marguerite Byrd became his first wife. They met while Harry was serving in Virginia. They have two children. However, the couple separated in 1954.

After he separated from Margaret Bird. In 1957, Harry Belafonte married his second wife, starring Julie Robinson. Harry Belafonte met his second wife while filming a movie called Carmen Jones in 1954.no details available Pamela Frank Belafonte AgeBoth Harry and Julie are actors in this movie. They also have two children. They separated in 2004 after 47 years of marriage.

After separating from Julie Robinson in 2004. Harry Belafonte later married his third wife, Pamela Frank, in 2008. From her previous marriage, she has two children. They keep their relationship very private. Pamela Frank is rarely spotted in the spotlight. Pamela Frank is a well-known photographer.They were together until the death of Harry Belafonte on the 25thday In April 2023, at the age of 96, he abandoned his wife and children.

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Pamela Frank Belafonte Age: FAQ-

Q1. Who is Harry Belafonte?

answer: singer and actor

Q2. How old is Belafonte?

answer: 96 years

Q3. When did Belafonte die?

answer: 25day April 2023

Q4. Where did Belafonte die?

answer: at his house

Q5. How many times has Harry Belafonte been married?

answer: 3 times

Q6. Who is Pamela Frank?

answer: wife of harry belfonte

Q7. Is Pamela Frank a photographer?

answer: Yes

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