Who is Rudebwoy Ranking? Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

As news of the loss of legendary artist rudebwoy’s ranking spread, there were mourning and tears. His untimely death came as a shock to his followers and all those who admired his music around the world.

He has collaborated with several prominent Ghanaian artists including Shatta Wale, Episode, Samini, Edem, Ras Kuuku, EL and Luther.

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News of Rudebwoy Ranking’s death has rocked the music world and mourned his followers. Rudebwoy Ranking’s impact on the Ghanaian music scene will never be forgotten and his songs will carry on his legacy.

What happened to Rudebwoy rankings?

Ghanaian dancehall musician Rudebwoy Ranking has reportedly died. Mustapha Rahman, better known in the entertainment industry as Rudebwoy Ranking, is a Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artist.

According to an official statement issued by Prince Gabriel Kwabena Asamoah, who worked for the Rudebwoy Ranking Ruddest Boss, it was confirmed that he died of an undisclosed illness.

Read the following statement from Gabriel Kwabena Asamoah:

My day was going well until I heard the saddest news – the departure of my Godfada Rudebwoy who has been the owner of Ruddest and who has been here to bring Ghanaian music to the world.

I didn’t expect your Rudeboy rankings to take such a hit, I hope you get back on your feet, we lost you so bad.. it’s so bad.. you’ve been here the whole time.. so why so fast bro…

I just wish someone would jux tap me on the shoulder, wake me up and tell me it was just a dream.. Awwww Bro Mustapha Abdulrahaman sorry.. We are so sorry May God give you a safe place.

Rudebwoy Ranking of Causes of Death

Numerous tributes have been posted on various social media sites, with many expressing shock at the passing of Rudebwoy Ranking, a dancehall musician who was signed to Bullhaus Entertainment.

According to official reports, the musician died suddenly early on April 24, 2023 at the Ridge Hospital in Accra, where he was taken for treatment.

The ballroom artist was known to have battled the illness for some time and was taken to Ridge Hospital, but he did not survive treatment, according to official reports.

The nature of his illness is unknown. The musician’s family has yet to make any public statements, but the music community mourns, with many sharing pictures of him on social media.

Who is Rudebwoy ranked?

Rudebwoy Ranking is a famous Ghanaian musician. Since 2014, he has occasionally led Ghana’s dancehall music charts.

Rudebwoy’s rise to power is no accident. One of the things that has helped him become one of Ghana’s top performers is his passion and dedication to music.

Rudebwoy Ranking’s stage suits his musical tastes well. The musician turns delicate social topics into catchy but powerful lyrics. He also uses dancehall reggae to make them flow more easily.

Rudebwoy Early Life Rankings

African-born Rudebwoy Ranking is a rising dancehall artist in Ghana. Mustapha Rahman is his real name and “Rudebwoy Ranking” is his stage name.

To better understand the genre and roots of dancehall music, he spent time in the Nima slum. Rudebwoy is almost a novice on the Ghanaian dancehall scene, but has come a long way.

Since 2015 he has been a featured performer at most ballroom events in Ghana. He is known as Rudebwoy because of his appearance and lyrics. He claimed that people thought he was a bad boy because of his occasional rude lyrics.

Rudebwoy Personality Ranking

He went on to say that he was moving up the ranks, which is why he used the word “rank” – meaning he was ranked as king.

He describes himself as straightforward, sincere, and kind, with a positive outlook on life. With his determination to achieve his goals and his bad boy demeanor, Rudebwoy focuses on his career and doesn’t get noticed by girls.

Rank is a cool guy. When asked about his intimidating looks, he replied that it was his trademark and what set him apart from the competition.

He’s been organizing things since day one and has always been confident that he’ll make it to the top. Rudebwoy’s 2018 rankings are off to a great start thanks to his latest YouTube dancehall hit video released in January.

Rudebwoy Ranked Careers

On September 12, 2016, Rudebwoy Ranking released his debut album “Elevation-Time”. He has worked with some of the most well-known Ghanaian performers including Luther, Episode, Samini, Edem, Ras Kuuku and Shatta Wale.

Rudebwoy has big goals beyond just being a part of the Ghanaian dancehall scene. He wants to establish his brand in the field.

Rudebwoy Ranking Award

Ranking won “Discovery Of The Year” at the 2015 Bass Awards, and he also won five awards at the 2017 Hausa Music Awards.

At the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards he received two nominations: Reggae/Reggae Dancehall Entertainer of the Year and Dancehall Song of the Year.

Top Songs by Ranking

Gbelemo, Pain Dem, Original and Deh A Road are some of the biggest hits on the Rudebwoy charts right now. According to rumors, his song Dambanza helped his followers recognize who he was.

The song acts as a motivator for young people, encouraging them to work hard and focus on moving forward to achieve their goals instead of being lazy.

Rudebwoy always writes simple, approachable lyrics for his songs. His tunes are good when combined with dancehall.

Rudebwoy Ranking had an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000 at the time of his death.

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