Who is Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass? Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Parents, Family

sidi mouaz al-nass died earlier today in houston after a week in the hospital in serious condition.

How did Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass die?

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass, son of prominent Damascus scholar Sheikh Samir, who earned medical degrees in Syria and the United States, has died.

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The Risala Foundation shared the devastating news on Facebook,

“It is with deep sadness and broken hearts that we announce the passing of Mouaz Al-Nass, brother, teacher, friend. A light went out. It is hard to imagine how close he was to us in Risala Risala without him. We mourn the loss of a friend – not for him, for we know what awaits him – but for all of us, for all that we have lost. We walk with a true friend of God. “

The Risala Foundation is hosting a campaign where funds raised will go directly to the family of Mouaz Al-Nass.


Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass Cause of death

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass is considered to have a friendly personality. Seeing the recent news, many people must be wondering about the cause of Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass’ death.

Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass was taken to hospital in a serious condition last week, according to a Facebook post by his friend Khalid Latif. Unfortunately, he passed away.

Who is Sidi Mouaz Al-Nass?

Syrian-born Mouaz Al-Nass was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He studied tajweed and fiqh under his father, Dr. Samir Al-Nass, a distinguished Syrian scholar, and also under the guru of inshad and maqamat. He graduated from a Syrian institution with a degree in Management Information Systems. A skilled vocalist and percussionist, Mouaz has participated in numerous musical performances in the US, UK, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Muaz’s father, Sheikh Samir, was a prominent scholar from Damascus who had obtained medical degrees in Syria and the United States. A true traditional scholar, he devoted his life to learning Islamic science from prominent figures in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He regularly conducts educational projects in North America and the UK.

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