“Why Alibaba and Pawpaw Were Denied Entering Into Canada” MC Morris Reveals (Video)

Canadian comedian and host MC Morris has revealed why comedian Alibaba and actor Osita Iheme, better known as Pawpaw, were banned from Canada.

Alibaba and Pawpaw, along with Akin and Yomi Fabiyi, were scheduled to perform at the MC Morris event, but Alibaba and Pawpaw were denied entry into the country.

Explaining why they were denied entry, he claimed that Alibaba’s visa expired last month and all efforts to renew it proved futile.

However, he did not explicitly say why Pawpaw was denied admission, instead promising his fans a makeover show for them at a discounted price.

“We were denied voluntary entry. We were told to prepare visas

We want to come in and entertain you. Pawpaw and I will go back, but Akin and Yomi Fabiyi will stay,” Alibaba said.

Read the statement below,

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