Why do Blockchain Startups use 3D Cartoon Animation Services?

Art and blockchain have a very strong relationship, and blockchain has revolutionized the way of art dealing and creation. Blockchain has geared up and improved processes like ownership, transparency, and authentication of art. This means that the whole industry of art is restructured with the help of blockchain.

Many individuals and startups have discovered the potential of this industry and have chosen to provide services for creating and selling art. Now, in this industry, dealing in original and high-value art pieces requires a lot of investment, but the creation of cartoon art and providing 3D cartoon animation services is a lot cheaper.

Many blockchain startups sell cartoon art and earn a lot of profit through this work. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the main reasons why blockchain startups choose cartoon art in a digital world.

Why Cartoon Art?

Cartoon Art was never out of fashion, but after the invention and popularity of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), we saw a massive rise in the market of cartoon art. Cartoon Art has an intriguing aesthetic and a retro feel, making it a perfect fit in the digital world.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are a digital asset, meaning there is no physical existence, but they are present in the digital world, and someone owns them. NFTs are not confined to cartoon art; any digital file can be an NFT, from songs to memes; there are no limitations.

For example, if you have a bill of 20 dollars, you can give two 10-dollar bills for it, meaning your 20-dollar bill was divisible and held a particular value. Now, this is what a fungible token is.

Similarly, on a similar-sized paper or on that same 20-dollar bill, if you have the signatures of Michael Jordan, then the value of that bill will not be equivalent to two 10-dollar bills; the popularity and fame of Michael Jordan will now determine it. This means that now that bill has become a non-fungible token.

What Makes It Perfect For Small Startups?

NFTs of Cartoon Art have a lot of potential, and small startups are always looking for things that can help them earn a profit. If a potential buyer likes your NFT, you can even ask for millions of dollars.

Cartoon art has a gripping factor, and you can attract a lot of customers if you have good cartoon art in your collection. You can check others’ work in this domain to understand cartoon art NFTs. However, you can also try your luck by selling your own unique and creative ideas.

How Can You Start Your NFTs Business?

You only need a crypto wallet and some cryptocurrency that would later be paid as the minting fees to upload your NFT. After making your crypto wallet, all you have to do is connect your crypto wallet to the NFT marketplace.

An NFT marketplace is where you can showcase your NFT; here, you can interact with buyers and other sellers in this business. You can consider this a typical marketplace, but the only difference is that it is only for NFTs.

One thing to understand is that you should consider the amount of NFTs you upload. It is up to you to upload just one piece or a whole collection. But remember that if you have one NFT or a small number, your work is unique and would hold more value, but if it is more in quantity, then it is small in value.

Where To Get Cartoon Art For NFTs?

As most startups can’t afford a whole design or 3D and 2D animation production department, they usually get these services by outsourcing. They provide their idea and get the work done by someone else.

Many 3D animation service providers on the internet design NFTs for various startups at fixed rates. These startups then sell these animations and cartoon art at their own decided rates according to the market.

Prolific Studio is one such company that provides 3D cartoon animation services that you can get for your NFT business. They are very professional and reliable, and their work speaks of their quality and level.

Why Prolific Studio Is A Good Option?

You must be thinking that there are many 3D cartoon animation services providers online, so why should you choose Prolific Studio? We have listed some points to help you realize why Prolific Studio is a good option.

Great Customer Reviews

One of the best things about Prolific Studio is that they have a large number of satisfied customers who have great things to say about their experience with Prolific Studio. They have listed their customer reviews on their website, and you can also go and check their reviews on many reputed business rating websites such as Clutch, Bark, Trustpilot, etc.

Highly Skilled Team

The team at Prolific Studio is very highly skilled. They understand what the clients want from them and then surprise the clients by doing excellent work. Their team has expertise in 2D and 3D animation services and 3D cartoon animation services. They are highly reputed in the industry and one of the most famous ones.

Reasonable Prices

Prolific Studio charges reasonable prices, and the quality they provide in this price tag is unmatched. The final product they deliver justifies the price they charge for their services.


We hope you now understand why some blockchain startups choose cartoon art in a digital world and how you can start your NFT business by selling cartoon art on NFT marketplaces. NFT is a growing industry; this is your chance to grow with it!



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